Sunday, November 29, 2009

Restaurant Richwell Sdn Bhd - PJ

This restaurant is located near Rothman's roundabout and is opposite Nanking Court Vegetarian restaurant. So, we decided to try it out since it has a large banner saying famous Richwell Dumplings and la mein.

When we stepped in, we were greeted by the waiters and they ushered us to seat. Next came a cold towel for you to wipe hands, complimentary. The service was so good until I wondered whether the price of the food is sky high or what. The service is as good as you can get in the higher class Chinese restaurant type. Luckily, the price was ok. Not cheap and not expensive either.

Richwell steamed pork dumpling (RM8). These dumplings were served in a small spoon. The waiter specifically told us that wait till the spoon became warm first then only take it. The dumpling meat and the soup was good and it was really big piece. Except the skin was too thick.

Famous deep fried tau foo (RM12). Quite specially-made beancurd, it has carrot slices and some mushroom embedded in it. The chilli sauce was really good, somewhat like Thai chilli sauce.

Tomyam seafood soup la mein (RM16.80). Boy boy nowadays love to eat seafood. No doubt the amount of seafood given here was huge but the tomyam soup was a big let down. It tasted more like tomato soup base to me (PY, I warn you before hand liao ya).

Golden egg yolk fried rice (RM10.80). Nikky said he couldnt taste the ham dan (salted egg) but Boy boy said he tasted it. To me, this was good enough for a fried rice, with lots of prawns.

Sliced beef soup La Mien (RM10.80). Nikky said this was good too.

This restaurant offers some other Chinese dishes as well. Maybe I will bring my family there and try out the dishes. Do expect to pay 10% service charge for the really good service.

Restaurant Richwell Sdn Bhd
24G & 26G, Jln 19/3,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7955 5855

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