Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pommes Frites Bistro - Sunway Pyramid

Last week Nikky mentioned that there is one shop in the Asian Avenue that has good snacks. However, I have forgotten what snacks he was referring. I asked boy boy, and he also forgotten. So, we tried our luck, walking along the food street in Asian Avenue.

We walked past this Belgium fried stall thingy, and it brought back our memory. I remember my bro asked whether the fries are thick or thin and Nikky said it was thin. I think it is this stall that he was talking about. But he told us this stall only has snacks and not main dish, made us think twice whether to have dinner elsewhere first or try out the fries first.

So, we decided to tryout the fries first. We stood in front of the counter thinking what to order. A waiter came and told us that they have pastas. Oooo...that's good, then we can have our dinner here and no need to go for second stop.

We sat down and look at the menu. I wish they can put pictures in the menu coz me and boy boy dont know which one to order. They have clams/mussels in various different type of sauces, fries in different type of dippings and around 10 dishes of pastas.

I saw some newspaper reviews on this restaurant, so I went and read it before we placed the orders. Boy boy's set came with lemonade. He said it was good. My ice lemon tea was really good too, not too sweet and not too sour, just nice for my taste. Did I mention that my ice lemon tea was only RM2.50? consider quite cheap for a big glass.

They show you how to make Belgium fries.

Belgium fries (RM4.50) regular with BBQ dipping sauce. They have more than 25 varieties of dipping sauce, so you have to try out many times to find out which dippings you like best. Additional dipping coz RM1.

Boy boy pasta set (RM18.90) comes with a drink, soup-of-the-day and pasta. The mushroom soup was really good with big slices of button mushroom, It was really creamy and with some sprinkle of herbs together with a garlic bread.

I forgotten boy boy pasta's name. But it is somewhat like creamy chicken fettucini. The sauce was not too thick, just nice. The chicken pieces however was very salty coz it was marinated with lots of herbs. So, we have to eat the chicken together with the fettucini. And it was a great combination.

I ordered Clam Pot with white wine (RM17.90) together with creamy sauce. This set comes with salad or belgium fries. I choose salad coz I need some greens in my meal. Been facing constipation lately. And lucky we took the salad coz the thousand island tasted great! It was really good formula wei. The vegetables were fresh too. Just cant have enough of it.

Ta-da! The highly recommended clam pot. It came with lots of big big fan mushroom and button mushroom in creamy sauce (you can opt for without cream sauce if you do not fancy creamy). And 20 big clams!
The sauce was so good until boy boy finished until the last scoop of it. Take a look at the amount of clams that they served. Really generous amount.

The meal in Pommes Friters was a real satisfaction! We totally enjoyed every single dishes, starting from the drinks to the main dishes. And the bill was only RM43.80 (no service tax). We saw the cook really gives patience in his cooking process and we can taste his efforts through the food served.

Definately we will come back and tryout other dishes. Strongly recommended restaurant when you are in Sunway Pyramid. Do give it a try!

After that, I walked into Elements to surf surf the clothing there. Mana tahu they are having sales. So I took some pants to try out. The sales girl was really helpful and friendly. Whenever I meet with this type of salesgirl, I am bound to buy something from the shop. Ended up I bought one khaki pants and one working slacks for RM113.

Then, we walked back to Asian Avenue to Snowy Dessert for some cold dessert. We ordered this 'Fall In Love' that consists of mango and strawberry sago. The middle one is mango sherbet which was really nice, mango-ry flavour. The sago was a bit on the hard side, boy boy said they didnt boil it wo. If the sago is slightly softer, this dessert would be great!

Ya, fall in love with this fella every single day. So marry me fast! (what a lame excuse hor?)

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