Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oriental Pavillion - Jaya 33

Dad has a RM50 voucher for his birthday from Oriental Group of restaurants. As usual, we went to Oriental Pavillion that is located in Jaya 33 for dim sum. Let's start with not so great and so-so dishes:

Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous rice). At first we though the piece of thing on top was abalone. My sis complained why LMK no mushroom one (coz she is a super mushroom-lover). Then when my bro took a bite, it was mushroom in fact.

Wu Kok (Yam dumpling). So-so only.

Super salty chicken feet. And Wo Tip (fried shanghai dumpling) which tasted bland.

Fried prawn mango. Quite a number of prawns and some mango sauce.

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew. Have to eat together the chilli, if not, no taste one.

Prawn dumpling.

Glutinuous rice ball in ginger soup. My sis ordered it.

I complained and complained until my dad said that my taste bud has turned fussy already, complained every single food. Swt. But it is really nothing special ma. Eat the cheap dimsum also taste better le. However, there are two dishes worth the money:

Char Siew Pao. I didnt eat but the other 4 members of my family said it was delicious.

Golden Silver Meehoon with fish fillet. It originally comes with seafood but my sis cant take seafood after surgery, so we changed it to fish. It was quite good actually.

So, our conclusion is that to come her try their normal dishes but not the dim sum. We are aiming at the peking duck.

Besides, the environment here is quite good for wedding dinner. I took the wedding dinner menu and have a look. Will consider here in the future for my wedding.

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