Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nov 28 is an ONG day

Coz lots of people getting married!

Monique booked me for the morning and evening session on that day. I have reject a ROM job coz I dont think I can make it on time from Cheras to Kota Damansara and do the makeup job within 1 hour.

Monique told me that she just simply choose a date for wedding and it turned out to be an auspicious day judging by the amount of people getting married.

She told me that the bridegroom and heng dai are coming at 8.45am. Mana tahu they purposely came early at 8.15am and the ji mui hasnt even reach completely. I have completed the makeup for Monique and was doing for her mum at that time.

When I finished her mum that time, the ji mui were already playing with the heng dai. So I waited down stairs, waiting for the opportunity to go out. But, when Monique's parents trying to open a side door for the relative to come in, the heng dai all rushed to the door and pulled the door violently. Luckily the parents locked the door in time.

Seeing this happening, I gave up my thoughts of find the opportunity to leave the house. These heng dai were crazy. So, I sat there for 45 minutes to 1 hour to see what games the ji mui played.

In the evening, went to Concorde Hotel to makeup for Monique. As she just washed her face and remained her hair, I took one and a half to finish the whole thing. Which means I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. So we sat at the living room and chat while waiting for her mum to arrive (I supposed to makeup for her mum too).

While I was in the lift, a foreigner Mat Salleh came in. His pick up line to me was, "how are you?". I answered him. Then he asked, "what's with a tiny girl like you holding such heavy boxes?". I told him that I am a makeup artist and I just finished make up for a bride. He responded, "So, you can do for me too? (pointing at his own face)". "erm...I dont do for guys". He smiled.

He is not leng chai ok. He is like 30s with a tummy. Hehe. If not, I will sure let him picked me up one. Wahahaha.

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