Monday, November 2, 2009

Nippon Yataimura - One Utama

Felt like eating Japanese food and Sushi Zanmai is always full of people and the Q is very long. I remembered a few years ago that I dine in Nippon Yataimura while celebrating Valentines's Day with Boy boy. I found that the food wasnt not bad there but the price was on a higher side. That's why we have not went back there ever since.

Last week, we decided to try this restaurant again. They have changed the menu into a simple fold-over type compared to a thick book last time. I noticed that they have took out a lot of their items and have dropped their price. Maybe the competition from Zanmai and Sakae was too strong for them. Hopefully they do not drop their quality.

California Temaki (RM4) was so-so only.

Boy boy's Gekikara Ramen (RM16).

We ordered the ramen above and get to buy this pork thingy for RM1 per piece. It was a real thin piece with half fats and half lean meat. I do not quite like the taste. Plus the pork smell was really strong (and pork is not supposed to have smell!). It smells like the pork in Australia (the pork in Australia has very stong smell, that was why I didnt take their siu mai). Even for RM1, this was total not worth it.

Pork Mayonaise Bento (RM16). I remembered trying this dish few years ago and it was really really good. But this time, there was this pork smell again, luckily it was covered with thick mayonaise sauce, so the smell was not that obvious. The last time I ate, I couldnt stop myself from eating one piece to another non-stop. But this time, it was really not good. Not that it was bad, it was just out of my expectation.

I will not come back to this restaurant again. For this amount of price (even they have lower down the price), I would Q up in Zanmai. They shouldnt have changed their menu. What a waste!

Nippon Yataimura is located at Lower Ground Floor of One Utama, same row as Rotiboy, Fish & Co. and O brien.

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