Friday, November 6, 2009

Ninja (2009)

When I told my bro that boy boy and I are going to watch Ninja. He immediately said, "Rain also nice to watch meh?" (no offense to Rain's fans). Then I was like ??? The trailer that I watched was a Mat Salleh, not Rain wo. Then only he realized that he is referring to Ninja Assasin movie, not Ninja.

A lot of people got confused by the similar name. My colleague Qab told me that he watched Ninja, thought it has Rain in it, but ended up disappointed coz no Rain. Of coz no Rain la, wrong movie also.

We were slightly late when we stepped into the cinema, so I think I have missed the starting part, slightly. I still manage to see how the bad guy ended up dispelled from his dojo.

The storyline was slightly forceful. But who the heck give a dem on the storyline, what I want to see was some cool ninja moves. But this only happened during the last part of the movie when 2 ninjas (one good and one bad) face off. The front part and middle part was so ok ok kung fu moves only.

The bad guy ninja did perform lots of ninja moves and his katana (Japanese sword), sharp enough to slash and make the blood splashes all over the place. He is hunting for the legendary Yoroi Bitsu that contains the lots of weapons from the last Koga Ninja. But I find that his own ninja clothing and weapons are more appealing than that of Yoroi Bitsu. Dont know why he wanna hunt for it.

About the good guy ninja, he didnt weild his sword until the last part of the movie. I just dont understand that when a gang of people called The Ring that are trying to kill him, he dont kill them in one blow. He just keeps knocking them off whereas he can just punch them to death (ninja are trained assassin right??). Because he didnt kill them one shot, these guys chase for his Japanese girlfriend and smack her like a punching bag. Poor her.

The movie was good enough. Actions are enough to keep you awake. Blood splashes everywhere until I was wondering whether a katana can cause such an effect in real life. The Ring gang was stupid. The bad guy ninja was cool. The last part fighting was good. Now, I will wait for Ninja Assassin to be shown in cinema and I will compare both of them.

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