Monday, November 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part V)

Oh ya, I got the Room 911. So PY and AL made fun of me. They told everyone that in case of emergency, please dial 911. Then, they were thinking of various reasons to give a call to my room just to kacau me.

I am sure you guys know what these items are for right? These items are available in the hotel drawer.

If you dont know, let PY demonstrate it for you. The wooden stick is dust your pillow so that you have a cleaner pillow.

This brush is used to brush your body when you bath.

Here is a video of PY demonstrating AL's idea. I have narrated in this video clip as well. Mind my language as I have no script prepared before hand.

For those who knows the real functions of these two items, you must be thinking why these items were used like that (as shown in the above). This is because AL thought these things are being used like that! Both PY and I laugh like mad when we heard AL saying this. Laugh die us. Dem farnie la this AL. She was really entertaining.

And we regretted that we didnt demonstrate AL another entertaining part. I was sitting on her bed watching Alien and Predator showing on TV3. Then out of nowhere, this AL jumped up and covered in blanket. I ignored her the first time. Then second time, she 'woo~!!!' again and hide in the blanket. Then third time, the scene was that the alien appeared (already) and it stretches out a small alien inside its mouth. This AL jumped up again and screamt. I dem mou lek lor. Alien already came out ma, like that also she scare wo. Not scary also let her made until very scary. At the end, I was scared too. =.="

I told PY about it and she dont believe me. So the next day, she was watching this old vampire movie and AL went to her room and watch. AL screamt again when the vampire came out from the lake. AL's reaction scared PY too. PY chased AL out of the room.

Now we know that we cannot watch horror movie with AL. She will be screaming in the cinema and both of us will feel embarrased. I asked AL whether her husband knows about her reaction or not. She said she has not watch horror movie with her husband. So, I do hope that her husband is reading my blog, to avoid him being embarrassed by his wife. Anyway, whatever is it, AL still is your wife. Wakakkakaa.

Ok, the trip to KK has come to an end. It is time to go back.

We were assigned different seats when going back. Stupid airasia. We booked the ticket together at the same booking number, the system gave us different seats. Dem Doink! So, all 3 of us sat alone while on the way back.

I could not sleep as the toddler (around 1-2 years old) was super noisy, screaming, talking non-stop. As a parent, they should teach their kid to be quiet in public place especially on a plane. Plus, the person sat next next to me was snoring loud. How to sleep like that. Pissed.

The plane landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule which was really good and I get to go back home early to have a family dinner in King Crab. Yup, crab again. Hehe.

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