Monday, November 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part IV)

After we came back from One Borneo, we walked to the Fish Market opposite our hotel. Since seafood is really expensive in KK (most of the seafood restaurant charge a lot for tourist. So we could not go to these restaurants without a local bringing us there). We went to this place where a lot of grill seafoods are being offered.

There were 7-8 shops along that area where you have to pick your own preferred shop to dine in. You can ask the prices first for each shops before you dine in. We chose Gerai No. 5.

One Flower Crab for RM15. Choosing this crab was really a wise choice that we made. This crab has lots of meat. When I mean a lot, it really is A LOT! I have never in my life that I eat a crab body that was full of pieces and pieces of meat! Normally, we have to dig into the shell and find tiny winy bit of meat. But this one, chunks and chunks of meat were in it.

I was super excited. If the body has this much of meat, imagine the crab claw. The shell was soft as well, even we can bite it and it wont hurt our teeth. Super big piece of meat from the crab claw. AL wanted me to take picture of it but my hands were dirty and I do not want to dirty my camera.

Sotong for RM15. They cut into too big pieces and I have to bite it off. The meat was slightly on the tough side, but it was fresh.

Ikan Pari (Sting ray) for RM7.

Fish for RM8. I am not a fish lover especially for bony fish. But this one has lots of meat and no fishy smell.

All the servings here have the same taste as they are all being grilled. Nevertheless, the seafood was really fresh as the fishermen just came back from the sea. This fish market is really worth a try if you are there.


Renji said...

Wah lao~!3 of u go there work or holiday wan ah.So enjoy hor.Eat what nice food?Din post geh?Sabah seafood cheap wo~

phuiyee said...

SM: i think 3/4 holiday, just a tiny portion of work only. Hehehe..Renji, y dont you join us in the first place?We got very big room for ourselves.Better than yr Sarawak trip:)

Renji said...

Lol... I got farewell party need to attend. Sabah is always there. No worry

Angela said...

the food very tempting.... i want somemore....yum-yum-yummy...