Monday, November 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part III)

After our work in the morning, we took the free shutter from Warisan square to One Borneo Hypermall, which is just newly open this year. [p/s: people say we looked like air stewardess].

Look at these two stooges, really so hyper. The mall concept was similar to Mid-Valley. The shops are more updated than Warisan Square or any mall near our hotels. But to us, the shops are the same in KL, so nothing special.

After tired of walking, we wanted to find a place for a drink. There were not much choices in the restaurant. We wanted to search for a place that was packed by people, as we assumed that this place must be very good. However, there was no such restaurant.

During the morning seminar, a participant told me that Sabah Bak Kut Teh is different than KL-version and he insisted that we must try it out. So, we found this Bak Kut Teh shop called Siaw Er with Chinese decoration, we went inside. Plus, it was raining that time, and it was good to have something hot to fill the stomach.

Since it was around 5pm, we ordered 2 pots of BKT to try out.

The original BKT (RM11.90) that comes with pork ribs and pork belly and some intestine. The soup was sweet and the taste was just bland a bit compared to KL-version. There was no vegetables or mushroom in it.

We ordered another dish called Spicy Soup (RM11.90) which came boiling hot. It has chicken pieces with pepper. To a pepper-lover like me and AL, this soup was not peppery enough to heat up our stomach. It was so-so only.

It was around 5.30pm that we wanted to take the free shuttle back to Warisan Square. However, the guy there told me the slots are full until 7pm. Swt. Cannot go back??? There is nothing to walk anymore! PY got so angry that she wanted to scold the guy. She said shuttle should be on first-come-first-serve basis. And, if we need to reserve a slot when we want to go back, he should inform us when we get down from the bus, not when we want to go back. PY was pissed.

So, we went to sing K. Yup, you heard me right, we went to Karaoke again. AL was too addicted to it after our first session a month ago. No la, actually we wanted to spare some time there. So we went to a place called Juke-Box. We paid RM20 for one hour.

When we entered, it was really a dem small room with torned sofas and no remote control. You only have this screen and buttons to press from. The songs were not as updated as Neway and Redbox and the buttons are super not user friendly. The sound-proof room was not so sound-proof as well. We can hear our neighbour singing beside. So, we screamt louder than them. Wahahhaa. They put singers in alphabetical order, not according to the famous-ity of the singer. So you have to screen through all 63 pages to find your singer.

Once you touch the buttons, the clock counting down from there. We were so panic as we do not want to waste time learning how to use the buttons. So PY simply pressed some songs for us to start first until we get use to the stupid buttons. Plus, the room was not so sound-proof, you can heard your neighbour singing beside. So, we sang louder than them. Hahahha.

That was how we spent the time while waiting for the shutter. 1 hour of Karaoke was not enough!!! We were so addicted to it. When we come back KL, we must go sing K again!

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