Monday, November 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part II)

Once we finished cam-whoring in the hotel, we walked out to nearby over hotel to hunt for KK local food. PY told me that there were this restaurant serves very good tomyam mee. We found it, the coffee shop is called Sing Heng, located just behind our hotel.

PY said the shop is often packed with people. That day it wasnt, maybe it was because it was like 3pm already, near to their closing time. [p/s: we past by there on Sunday afternoon 12pm, the coffee shop was full house!]

Since it was tea time, we ordered a bowl of tomyam meehoon to share among the 3 of us. The soup was really really good. It was slightly spicy and slight sour, just suits my taste. For PY, who is a tomyam freak also commented that this tomyam was delicious, but she preferred the shop to exclude the evaporated milk in it. For RM7, you have a few big fresh prawns.

We ordered seafood Mee Tuaran for RM4 as well, which was another specialty in Sabah. This dish was not up to my expectation. The mee was slight burned and mee texture was slightly on the hard side. Erm, not good. But at least I tried Mee Tuaran.

We went back to the hotel to rest for awhile. Around 6.15pm, we walked towards our chosen dining place which is known as Little Italy. The last time I was in KK, my client referred this restaurant called Little Italy to me as the best Italian food in KK. When I surfed the net, a lot of people also gave good feedbacks on this restaurant. So this time, I was determined to go to this restaurant.

After we arrived at the airport, we took a map and there was this Little Italy tag there. We were so happy as it looked like walking distance from our hotel. The driver for the airport transfer shuttle told us that it was 10 minutes.

So we left our hotel at 6.15pm. The sky was dark already. We tried to walk carefully to avoid snatch thieves. Wth! It was like 15-20 minutes walking. So dem tired. But, let me thell you this: This trip was dem worth it!

Busy keying in the name of dishes that we ordered as it was all in Italian. The menu was really impressive. They have a wide range of pastas with different kind of sauces, pizza with all different types of toppings cater for a wide range of customers, and a whole lot of weird dishes that I dont know what they are.

Since it was the first time I come here, pasta and pizza is a must-order when visiting an Italian restaurant.

PY purposingly took the Valentine statue behind also.

Pizza that named Carnivora that consisted of beef bacon, turkey ham, beef salami, onions and pineapple. There were 2 sizes, 9 inch and 12 inch. Since we wanted to try out more dishes, we went for the smaller size one. The smaller size also was quite big to us.

The pizza crust was not too thick and it was not so crunchy. The fillings were a bit on the salty side as it was full of meat. Nevertheless, the serving was generous and it was tasty too.

Salse alla panna boscaiola. A pasta dish that comes with chicken and fresh mushroom flambe in white wine and salsa rosa. The waiter recommended fettucini to go along this sauce. This dish was the most delicious pasta that I have ever tasted, agreed unanimously by the other two as well. We love this dish to bits!

The fettucine texture was really soft and thin, so we wont feel too stuffed when eating it. The sauce was also very good and the cheese was at a moderation that we dont feel geli eating it. As a whole, it was the right choice for us to choose this sauce. Well done.

Crespella al forna. The lagsana-like dish was filled with spinach, mushroom, ham, and cheese. I was searching for an appetizer to go along the other 2 dishes when the waiter recommended this. He said this dish is a special dish in their restaurant. So, we proceeded with the ordering.

When you eat this hot, you will feel ok. However, for my own personal taste (strictly personal taste), I prefer lasagna better than this version. I do not like the outer skin which tasted like egg wrapping to me. The inner feelings were so-so to me only.

Despite this, we still very much love the pasta and the pizza. The total bill was RM93 (include 3 drinks that cost RM5.90 each). PY was thinking why they do not open a branch in KL. This place was so good. The waiters were friendly and courteous. While dining half way, he came to our table and asked how was the food. Definately is a must-visit next time when I am in KK.

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