Monday, November 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part I)

Coincidently, really coincidently that PY, AL and I were assigned to go to KK for work last week. Originally, it was only PY one month ago, then 2 weeks before the date, AL was chosen, then 1 week ago, I was assigned on board with them as my 2 other colleagues couldnt make it. We were known as partners-in-crime, or the 3 Stooges or I would prefer 3 Charlie's Angels. Wahahha. This time all 3 of us has gone to KK and messed up KK!

We reached LCCT around 10am and we went to McD for a snack. When it was 10.35am, we went into the Immigration counter, I saw there are people boarding at KK flight. Omg, we were late. We quickly rushed into the toilet and we heard the 2nd announcement of 'Flight AK??? is ready for boarding now'. After that, we rushed to the counter. I was like our flight time is 11.10am, how could they board the plane so early lei?

We were the second last entering the flight. Normally, I do not rush for my flight, it has been always I was the one waiting for the flight. This time, together with 2 other stooges, I have rushed for the flight. The flight departed at 11am, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Since when AirAsia has become so punctual?

Flying on AirAsia, we were seated together.

It was 2 and a half hour flight, so we bought lunch in flight. I have always heard the nasi lemak is tasty. But there were 2 nasi lemak options, one is Chairman's choice, one is Pak Nasser. At first we want the Chairman's choice but according to the flight attendant, the option is no longer available. Erm, is your Chairman's choice ok, if it is no longer available, please do not put it in the menu. Make people wanna try it and you do not offer it.

So, we settled with the original Nasi Lemak. It was not too bad, but it was not superb either. I do not understand why other people said it is delicious. Maybe they are praising the Chairman's choice? I do not know.

PY ordered Fried Rice with satay. The first scoop she tried, she regretted not ordering Nasi Lemak immediately. The rice was super tasteless.

The last time I flew into KK was from Tawau and I was seated at the right corner where I can see Sutera Harbour at evening time. It was an awesome view and I didnt capture the photo. swt. This time, we came in from the city direction, so there was this view I captured. We were staying in Le Meridian Hotel, a 5-star hotel. Woohoo! PY and AL rooms were not ready yet, so they tumpang my room. The first thing they did was to jump on my bed. This PY worse still, she did a flying superman pose on my bed. =.=" This was how she landed.

Super nice comfy bed, with 4 soft pillows and 2 extra pillows in the drawer with 3 small pillows. Super dem lot of pillows. Plus, the hotel has DVD player as well. Too bad that I didnt bring some DVDs along.

Look at these 2 stooges.

Then there was this big mirror beside the bathroom. And it was good to do what? Camwhoring!

The bathroom was super big and these 2 stooges got so excited in it. There was this bathtub on my right where I didnt capture. Spot PY picture in the small mirror, I am a dem good photographer. Hahaha.

These 2 were acting as if they are trapped behind the glass door.

Nice awesome sea view from the hotel.

Next post will be on our food hunting post.

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