Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Boy boy wanted to watch this movie because Megan Fox stars in it. Which guy doesnt want to watch Megan Fox? We were late a bit to the movie, again.

The story narrated by Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried), telling us the story how she and Jennifer (Megan Fox) are best friends although both has totally opposite character, how Jennifer ended up being possessed, how herself trying to stop Jennifer from killing people etc.

Megan Fox was really sexy when she is 'full'. Full, that means she has eaten enough flesh to replenish her energy. When she is hungry, she is weak and ugly. After eating people, she looks really really horrible, in fact, really scary.

The movie as a whole was ok, horror with dark comedy, what do you expect. The ending part was a bit stretchy lor. It said that Needy was bitten by sartan then she has gained some sartan power (ie. she can float in the air and has super strength), and she went for revenge.

Boy boy said he saw Megan Fox's tits showing through her clothes. I said I didnt see it. He argued that he saw it. Then I said it was his imagination coz he was too desperate to see Megan Fox exposed. He still wanna argued that he saw something. Wahahhaa. [he is so gonna kill me now].

P/S: Angela, pls do not watch this movie coz you will be screaming like mad. The girl sat behind me was just the same as you, the scary part has not appear, but she screamt liao. Hahhaha.

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