Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Boy boy has gone to Melaka to have fun with colleagues and he didnt bring me. So, I am stucked at home doing nothing. Bored to death. So, I suggested to my parents that we go and watch Inglourious Basterds since my bro said it was nice. I was so afraid that I will fall asleep in the cinema because of the talkings, but since I have nothing to do, mai suai go and watch it lor.

The movie is about 2 plots set up to assasinate Nazi political leadership. One plot is from young french-jewish cinema owner and the another one is from the American soldiers known as Basterds. The movie should be titled 'Revenge of the Jews' because there are more than a group besides the Inglourious Basterds planning revenge for the Nazi.

Please do not believe the story is from history. The Hitler and Nazi do exist in history but not the Basterds ok. There is not kungfu moves in this movie but there are lots of gun shots and machine gun though. Quentin filmed the whole movie in a very good manner and cool sound effects and music. Plus, some jokes along the lines as well.

Brad Pitt as Lietenant Aldo Raine, also known as Aldo the Apache, head of the Basterd. His slang was super difficult to hear what is he trying to say. My dad found it hard to understand too! Aldo lead a team of 8 American-Jewish into France and kill as many German Nazi as possible.

Aldo's second-in-command was Sergent Donny Donowitz, aka The Bear Jew played by Eli Roth. His character is well-known for smacking Nazi brain with one baseball bat. The fella was quite cool in the movie. I just found out that Eli Roth is a professional film director too. He also director a short film within the movie.
Colonel Hans Landa, the real bad guy of the all! He is so damn evil, sometimes when he laughs, he has an intention behind, he loves to probe questions and made you sweat. Well, he is known as Jew Hunter and a damn good detective in sensing people. This fella speaks fluent English, French, Italian as well as German. Christoph Waltz is dem good candidate for this role. Superb acting!

Melanie Laurent character, Shosanna as a Jewish was a sad one. She witnessed her whole family killed by Colonel Landa soldier, after a betrayal from a French family. Col. Landa allowed her to escape and 4 years later, she changed her name and operates a small cinema in France. Her revenge begins when she met Frederick Zoller. Melanie managed to capture the essence of the character, her sorrowness and determination for revenge was really well-protrayed.

Diane Kruger's character Bridget Von Hammersmark came very much later in the film. She plays a popular German film star and a spy for the Britain. She was damn farnie in her wrapped up left leg styled in a high heel shape. Damn creative la the director.

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The movie was a bit confusing to me, as British soldiers, German soliders and American Soldiers all look the same to me. Nevertheless, I can understand the whole thing. Do not ask me how the movie ends, who died and who survive because it is definately a spoiler if I tell you.

As a whole, IB is on par with Kill Bill I, if it is not better. A satisfactory 2 hour and 40 minutes movie. Another fine movie from Quentin Tarantino. Simply the best movie of the year.

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