Thursday, November 5, 2009

I think I ate too much ...


To be precise, after Sabah trip.

I think my apetite got a bit bigger after the trip.

I went to King Crab for family dinner, while everyone already stop eating, I was still eating.

Normally I cant finish nasi lemak sotong with a big bowl of rice. But that day I did.

I bought a kain from Sabah and I went to my usual tailoring shop in Wisma Sentral. When she measured my waist, she mumbled, "u nampak macam besar sikit" (you look a bit bigger size). Then, she jotted down 27.

I looked at it and said, "what! 27??? last time was 26!"

"Can make it 26?"

"Cannot la, later u cannot fit"

"Never mind, I will thin down later to fit it"

"No no"

"How about 26.5 then?"

"You ni, macam di pasar malam, asyik tawar-menawar aje" (You are like in night market, keep on bargaining).

"Ya lah, I cannot accept 27! 27 is too fat! later I look like pregnant lady when I wear it!"

" Wont la"

Sigh, now I regretted it. I should wait until I thin down a bit first then only go and tailor my baju. Dem. Now I wish she really DID make it 26.5 for me.

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