Sunday, November 22, 2009

I got what I wanted!

I got my Christmas present already!
This Incanto Heaven is what I have wished for Christmas pressie last year. And someone didnt get the hint (or maybe he just ignored it), so I didnt get this last year. :-(

So, this year, I very smart already. I bought it during Isetan sales on Friday. 30ml EDT for RM125 (originial price is RM156), super cheap, limited promo set. Then, I claimed back the amount from him. Wahahhaha!

I already asked his permission whether he wanna buy this for me or not ok. Not that I forced him also. I asked him on the 50ml EDT that is selling at RM216. He said is ok. Then Isetan came out with this promo. See, I saved him RM90. Hahahha.

After that, I went to Sasa to buy eyebrow pencil. I was determined to buy the Empro brand since they claim themselves as brow specialist. Nicole used it and said it was really good. I was standing in front of the Empro display wanted to try it. Then this salesgirl came and introduce me Cyber Color eyebrow pencil, she kept on saying the texture is good, is waterproof etc.

I know Cyber Color is Sasa's inhouse brand, so if they manage to sell it, they have some commission. But I was determined to buy Empro. Furthermore, Empro's price was RM5 cheaper than CC. Since that was the case, of coz I bought Empro la.

The salesgirl doesnt give up, kept on asking me whether I need eyeliner or not la, face mask la, and lots of other stuffs. That's what I hate walking into Sasa KLCC. Have to kept on reject them. Please la, I will ask you when I wanna buy other stuffs ok.

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Anne said...

same thing happened to me in cineleisure when i wanted to buy my empro eyebrow pencil. the sales girl kept insisiting on their cybercolors which i find too sticky. empro is still better! but i'm waiting for their sales la, christmas is coming anyway :P