Thursday, November 19, 2009

I didnt mean to....

I am thinking whether to write about it or not, coz if I write about it, I gonna be a joker for you all already. Can be your laughing stock as well. Nik asked me to blog about it, so I blog lor.

As usual in the office, I went to toilet to have a pee. I saw the knob was green in colour (means not occupied). So I pushed open the door.

Then I saw a girl inside with her pants down.

Not directly facing me. Her back was facing me.

Which means....

I saw her bare butt!

My first reaction was, "Opps, sorry" and quickly walked to another cubicle. Everything happened in split second.

I was like, why didnt she lock the door????? The knob was clearly GREEN in color ok. And I didnt push really hard wei. I just slightly push with one of my finger only.

It wasnt my fault that she got exposed!

Yer! Dem embarrassing la. I dont know whether she saw me or not. And I didnt see her face. From the back of it, I know she is not from my department.

When I went back to the office, I told Nik about it. I desribed to her what color clothes is the lady wearing. So, she went outside to the receptionist there and hide to find out who the lady was.

After 5 minutes, she came back and said she knows who the lady was.

I was like, "Please dont tell me, I dont wanna know. It was dem embarrasing!"

If I know who she was, how am I suppose to face her?? I really doesnt mean to peek at her wei.

Marlia asked me what did I see, what is the lady doing etc etc. I was like, "Hello! It was so dem embarrasing already you still wanna see what people is doing meh??"

Sigh, phobia already now. After that, whenever I go toilet, even though the knob is in green color, I still push it very slowly. Just in case....or maybe really just in case.....someone didnt lock the door, it will expose half of it but not the whole thing.

Laugh la, you guys.....

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