Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hari Raya Haji Holiday

Need to buy some hair accessories, so I went to Mid Valley since there are more shops there. Went to Chillis and had brunch. We can only manage to eat Chillis in Mid Valley and not One Utama as the latter is always full house and waiting list is so long.

Boy boy wearing cap again. What do you aspect when I woke him up early in the morning??? Nah, this time I drew my eye brow la, see... I have eye brow! (boy boy always laughed at eye brow-less me).

Kicking Jack Nachos (RM21.95). Original one. Always a favourite dish among the Chillis supporters. But it would be a bit jelak when this dish is eaten by only 2 person.

Lamb Shoulder (RM24.95). Upon ordering this, the waitress asked us a farnie question, "what temperature would you like?". Boy boy looked at her. Then I answered, "medium to well". After that, I was like, what question was that? I have dine in many many high class western restaurant and I have never ever encounter such question before. You are trying to test my IQ is it? Boy boy tried to make fun of it by saying, "the room temperature is ok now", or "100 deg C please" etc.

Despite that, the lamb shoulder was really good, very meaty and marinated well. The mashed potato too! super creamy and soft. Cant get enough of these both. The vege was good too as it was garlic-ky.

At night, we went to a Hakka Restaurant in Taman Paramount, near Giant supermarket here, I have forgotten the restaurant name. I chose Hakka restaurant coz I read a review in Sin Chew talking about a Hakka restaurant in Puchong.

Pepper soup with kampung chicken (RM10; additional RM3 for mushroom). This soup was really spicy and pepperish. It was good to burn your stomach plus your throat. Boy boy loves it.

Yam abacus (RM8). Normal dish. Nothing spectacular.

Roast pork with leek (RM10). A signature dish in Hakka restaurant. It tasted delicious at first. But later towards finishing the dish, the bottom was super oily and it made me feel one kind.

Will go back there and try other dishes though.


Lyne said...

cute couple :)

Siew Mun said...

Thanks Lyne!