Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cristang Restaurant - PJ

First heard about this shop from Lotsofcravings Joe. I have been wanted to try out this restaurant for quite some time as it is located in PJ area, but always forgotten about it when we wanna choose a place for dinner. After meeting Nicole a month ago and she strongly recommended this pork burger from Cristang, made me wanna go try out this restaurant.

We seldom see pork burger in Malaysia, dont we? With the exception of the Hong Kong Cafe where they sell pork burger. And there we went, with Nikky and my bro to this restaurant. Have to pay RM2 for parking as it is located inside a new building known as 8 Avenue.

The restaurant offers pastas and some finger foods. The 4 of us ordered pork burger since I strongly recommended it. And they have different varieties of pork burger starting from P1 to P7. The higher level you go, the more ingredients you will have. The standard one being the 250gm of pork patty in it.

I ordered a P3 burger (RM23.80) - Grilled pork patty, back bacon, minced pork chilli con carne. The burger was oily. Nevertheless, it tasted quite unique and tasty. The minced pork was marinated well and the pork patty was a big one. Not to forget the potato wedges was full of rosemary herbs. Wonderful!

Boy boy ordered P4 (RM25.50) that has the same ingredients as me, but it has petai in it.

Nikky ordered P6 burger (RM30.80) - Grilled pork patty, back bacon, minced pork chilli con carne, petai, grilled cajun prawns with grilled fresh cut pineapples. Woah! this version looks really fantastic wo!

My bro ordered P7 - 'The Urband Legend', the most popular of all burgers. Of coz, his version is without chilli. He said it was good, but I just cant differentiate between his P7 and my P3. Hm....I wonder why is it called like that since there is not much different?

We were satisfied with our pork burgers. But I dont think I can come and eat this every week coz I will feel jelak. Too bad, they do not do pork knuckles. But, do give it a try if you are craving for pork burger. Worth your money.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19, 8 Avenue,
Jalan Sungai Jernih (8/1),
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 7877
(Tiny directions: Coming from Jalan 222 towards Assunta Hospital, take a 90clock turn at the first roundabout, follow the road, and 8 Avenue is on your left).

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