Sunday, November 29, 2009

At Isetan Key Ng store

Went to Isetan Mid Valley with boy boy. I have a RM10 voucher to be spent by Dec 31st, so went and see see look look there. Walked into Key Ng stall and saw they are having 70% off on most items and lots of people there.

I found a short sleeve coat that was priced at RM29 (original was RM150 i think). It was super cheap to me as the material was really good. So I took it to the counter for the promoter to write a receipt for me.

First she asked me where I took it from then I pointed out at the respective rack. Then she checked her price list to look for the item code. After that she wrote RM39 on the receipt. Boy boy asked me why is it not RM29. Then I told the promoter, "the price tag is RM29, why you wrote RM39?". She pointed at her price list paper and said, "here written RM39".

I said, "that is your price list paper and only you will refer to it. The tag on the clothes is RM29". I was prepared to start a war already since I have rights to do so. But instead, the promoter just changed the '3' to '2'. Luckily she did that, if she argues with me, this post is going under 'tiny piss'. Anyway, I was so confident that I am going to win the war. So, I took the receipt and went to the cashier.

Boy boy told me that I was very fierce just now. I was in shock because I just raised a bit of my voice at the promoter only. Maybe my facial expression was fierce, I dont know. Now, I felt bad because the promoter is not even a permanent worker with Key Ng store, she was just a temporary Isetan staff. Plus, she was like 20 years old, very young.

The way boy boy described is like I am bullying a younger girl. I scared that her supervisor will scold her for this case. But I saw her stapled the price tag on the receipt that she kept aside. So, if the supervisor scolds her for this, she can show the price tag and said the customer (which was me) argued with her based on the price tag.

No matter what, I think I did the right thing for standing on my feet. It was 100% consumer rights. How could you price one thing, and charge me a different price??? It is ridiculous. If this happens in USA, the consumer will sue the store already. My mum said I was right. Suyin said I was right too!

So, boy boy, I was not fierce ok. I just demanded for my own rights.

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