Sunday, November 29, 2009

3A Yong Tau Foo - PJ

When we ate at Richwell the night before, we passed by this Yong Tau Foo shop, so we went there for lunch the next day. It was already 1.30pm and the restaurant was full house! I was shocked to see that coz it looked quite empty the night before.

We were seated near the entrance of the kitchen, which was a right choice to make. The smoke came out from the kitchen was stinging my eyes and suyin eyes. Both of us has difficulty opening our eyes, and I kept on rubbing it. Remember please sit away from the kitchen as far as possible if you decided to visit this restaurant.

The service was a bit bad due to the crowd. We waived quite a number of times to get our order in but no one came. We almost wanted to borrow a pen and jott down the orders ourselves.

Asam Stingray (RM13 for medium). This dish was surprisingly good, quite sour and not too spicy, just nice for my liking. I wish the asam paste could be more thick, and it would taste perfectly.Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.50 per plate). The curry version was not nice.

Yong Tau Foo (RM1 each). Normal. But still taste better than the Ampang YTF in SS2.

After that, we went to Jaya One to look out for Just Heavenly branch. It is called A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly. I have heard lots of rave reviews for this shop and Nicole strongly recommended the chocolate durian cake as well.

We found the shop and it is near Cold Storage, but I was disappointed that there was no seats for us to sit down and try out their cakes. Plus, the variety of the cakes were a little too little. I was expecting a lot of variety.

Lucky for us, there were chocolate durian cakes around. Suyin bought one and I bought one.

Indeed, it didnt fail our expectation. Four of us unanimously agreed that this chocolate durian was worth the price (RM9.90). Super delicious, even the 3 durian lovers (except me) said it tasted great! For me, it was nice too. Must recommend to my bro first.

The cake was a tiny little layer at the bottom, middle part was filled with like 5cm thick of durian, and topped with 3cm thick of chocolate. I bet you sure drop dead with this sinfully delicious cake.

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