Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stadt German Cuisine - Kepong

We are running out of ideas where to dine in PJ area. So, we ventured into Kepong for some pork-iness dinner.

Calamari (RM14.90). The calamari rings were so big! The coating and the tartar sauce was ok.

Combo Sausage (RM48.90). There was 5 different types of sausauges: Italian, Nuerenberger, Thueringer, Smoked Garlic and Vienna. This combo allows us to sample all the 5 different type of flavour they have. I dont know which is which. The 3 small ones at the bottom was nice. The big darker brown one I doesnt like it, tasted weird.

Fried Pork Knuckle (RM41.90). The knuckle came in quite a big piece. If I were to compare this with that of Bavarian Bierrhaus (Located at The Curve), I would think the latter was bigger and much tastier. The sauce in BB was really good compared to this, which was just a normal brown sauce. The knuckle was crunchy though.

German Cuisine & Bistro
2, Jalan Metro Perdana 8,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara, 52100 KL.
Tel: 6250 1016

3A Yong Tau Foo - PJ

When we ate at Richwell the night before, we passed by this Yong Tau Foo shop, so we went there for lunch the next day. It was already 1.30pm and the restaurant was full house! I was shocked to see that coz it looked quite empty the night before.

We were seated near the entrance of the kitchen, which was a right choice to make. The smoke came out from the kitchen was stinging my eyes and suyin eyes. Both of us has difficulty opening our eyes, and I kept on rubbing it. Remember please sit away from the kitchen as far as possible if you decided to visit this restaurant.

The service was a bit bad due to the crowd. We waived quite a number of times to get our order in but no one came. We almost wanted to borrow a pen and jott down the orders ourselves.

Asam Stingray (RM13 for medium). This dish was surprisingly good, quite sour and not too spicy, just nice for my liking. I wish the asam paste could be more thick, and it would taste perfectly.Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.50 per plate). The curry version was not nice.

Yong Tau Foo (RM1 each). Normal. But still taste better than the Ampang YTF in SS2.

After that, we went to Jaya One to look out for Just Heavenly branch. It is called A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly. I have heard lots of rave reviews for this shop and Nicole strongly recommended the chocolate durian cake as well.

We found the shop and it is near Cold Storage, but I was disappointed that there was no seats for us to sit down and try out their cakes. Plus, the variety of the cakes were a little too little. I was expecting a lot of variety.

Lucky for us, there were chocolate durian cakes around. Suyin bought one and I bought one.

Indeed, it didnt fail our expectation. Four of us unanimously agreed that this chocolate durian was worth the price (RM9.90). Super delicious, even the 3 durian lovers (except me) said it tasted great! For me, it was nice too. Must recommend to my bro first.

The cake was a tiny little layer at the bottom, middle part was filled with like 5cm thick of durian, and topped with 3cm thick of chocolate. I bet you sure drop dead with this sinfully delicious cake.

Restaurant Richwell Sdn Bhd - PJ

This restaurant is located near Rothman's roundabout and is opposite Nanking Court Vegetarian restaurant. So, we decided to try it out since it has a large banner saying famous Richwell Dumplings and la mein.

When we stepped in, we were greeted by the waiters and they ushered us to seat. Next came a cold towel for you to wipe hands, complimentary. The service was so good until I wondered whether the price of the food is sky high or what. The service is as good as you can get in the higher class Chinese restaurant type. Luckily, the price was ok. Not cheap and not expensive either.

Richwell steamed pork dumpling (RM8). These dumplings were served in a small spoon. The waiter specifically told us that wait till the spoon became warm first then only take it. The dumpling meat and the soup was good and it was really big piece. Except the skin was too thick.

Famous deep fried tau foo (RM12). Quite specially-made beancurd, it has carrot slices and some mushroom embedded in it. The chilli sauce was really good, somewhat like Thai chilli sauce.

Tomyam seafood soup la mein (RM16.80). Boy boy nowadays love to eat seafood. No doubt the amount of seafood given here was huge but the tomyam soup was a big let down. It tasted more like tomato soup base to me (PY, I warn you before hand liao ya).

Golden egg yolk fried rice (RM10.80). Nikky said he couldnt taste the ham dan (salted egg) but Boy boy said he tasted it. To me, this was good enough for a fried rice, with lots of prawns.

Sliced beef soup La Mien (RM10.80). Nikky said this was good too.

This restaurant offers some other Chinese dishes as well. Maybe I will bring my family there and try out the dishes. Do expect to pay 10% service charge for the really good service.

Restaurant Richwell Sdn Bhd
24G & 26G, Jln 19/3,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7955 5855

Nov 28 is an ONG day

Coz lots of people getting married!

Monique booked me for the morning and evening session on that day. I have reject a ROM job coz I dont think I can make it on time from Cheras to Kota Damansara and do the makeup job within 1 hour.

Monique told me that she just simply choose a date for wedding and it turned out to be an auspicious day judging by the amount of people getting married.

She told me that the bridegroom and heng dai are coming at 8.45am. Mana tahu they purposely came early at 8.15am and the ji mui hasnt even reach completely. I have completed the makeup for Monique and was doing for her mum at that time.

When I finished her mum that time, the ji mui were already playing with the heng dai. So I waited down stairs, waiting for the opportunity to go out. But, when Monique's parents trying to open a side door for the relative to come in, the heng dai all rushed to the door and pulled the door violently. Luckily the parents locked the door in time.

Seeing this happening, I gave up my thoughts of find the opportunity to leave the house. These heng dai were crazy. So, I sat there for 45 minutes to 1 hour to see what games the ji mui played.

In the evening, went to Concorde Hotel to makeup for Monique. As she just washed her face and remained her hair, I took one and a half to finish the whole thing. Which means I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. So we sat at the living room and chat while waiting for her mum to arrive (I supposed to makeup for her mum too).

While I was in the lift, a foreigner Mat Salleh came in. His pick up line to me was, "how are you?". I answered him. Then he asked, "what's with a tiny girl like you holding such heavy boxes?". I told him that I am a makeup artist and I just finished make up for a bride. He responded, "So, you can do for me too? (pointing at his own face)". "erm...I dont do for guys". He smiled.

He is not leng chai ok. He is like 30s with a tummy. Hehe. If not, I will sure let him picked me up one. Wahahaha.

Hari Raya Haji Holiday

Need to buy some hair accessories, so I went to Mid Valley since there are more shops there. Went to Chillis and had brunch. We can only manage to eat Chillis in Mid Valley and not One Utama as the latter is always full house and waiting list is so long.

Boy boy wearing cap again. What do you aspect when I woke him up early in the morning??? Nah, this time I drew my eye brow la, see... I have eye brow! (boy boy always laughed at eye brow-less me).

Kicking Jack Nachos (RM21.95). Original one. Always a favourite dish among the Chillis supporters. But it would be a bit jelak when this dish is eaten by only 2 person.

Lamb Shoulder (RM24.95). Upon ordering this, the waitress asked us a farnie question, "what temperature would you like?". Boy boy looked at her. Then I answered, "medium to well". After that, I was like, what question was that? I have dine in many many high class western restaurant and I have never ever encounter such question before. You are trying to test my IQ is it? Boy boy tried to make fun of it by saying, "the room temperature is ok now", or "100 deg C please" etc.

Despite that, the lamb shoulder was really good, very meaty and marinated well. The mashed potato too! super creamy and soft. Cant get enough of these both. The vege was good too as it was garlic-ky.

At night, we went to a Hakka Restaurant in Taman Paramount, near Giant supermarket here, I have forgotten the restaurant name. I chose Hakka restaurant coz I read a review in Sin Chew talking about a Hakka restaurant in Puchong.

Pepper soup with kampung chicken (RM10; additional RM3 for mushroom). This soup was really spicy and pepperish. It was good to burn your stomach plus your throat. Boy boy loves it.

Yam abacus (RM8). Normal dish. Nothing spectacular.

Roast pork with leek (RM10). A signature dish in Hakka restaurant. It tasted delicious at first. But later towards finishing the dish, the bottom was super oily and it made me feel one kind.

Will go back there and try other dishes though.

At Isetan Key Ng store

Went to Isetan Mid Valley with boy boy. I have a RM10 voucher to be spent by Dec 31st, so went and see see look look there. Walked into Key Ng stall and saw they are having 70% off on most items and lots of people there.

I found a short sleeve coat that was priced at RM29 (original was RM150 i think). It was super cheap to me as the material was really good. So I took it to the counter for the promoter to write a receipt for me.

First she asked me where I took it from then I pointed out at the respective rack. Then she checked her price list to look for the item code. After that she wrote RM39 on the receipt. Boy boy asked me why is it not RM29. Then I told the promoter, "the price tag is RM29, why you wrote RM39?". She pointed at her price list paper and said, "here written RM39".

I said, "that is your price list paper and only you will refer to it. The tag on the clothes is RM29". I was prepared to start a war already since I have rights to do so. But instead, the promoter just changed the '3' to '2'. Luckily she did that, if she argues with me, this post is going under 'tiny piss'. Anyway, I was so confident that I am going to win the war. So, I took the receipt and went to the cashier.

Boy boy told me that I was very fierce just now. I was in shock because I just raised a bit of my voice at the promoter only. Maybe my facial expression was fierce, I dont know. Now, I felt bad because the promoter is not even a permanent worker with Key Ng store, she was just a temporary Isetan staff. Plus, she was like 20 years old, very young.

The way boy boy described is like I am bullying a younger girl. I scared that her supervisor will scold her for this case. But I saw her stapled the price tag on the receipt that she kept aside. So, if the supervisor scolds her for this, she can show the price tag and said the customer (which was me) argued with her based on the price tag.

No matter what, I think I did the right thing for standing on my feet. It was 100% consumer rights. How could you price one thing, and charge me a different price??? It is ridiculous. If this happens in USA, the consumer will sue the store already. My mum said I was right. Suyin said I was right too!

So, boy boy, I was not fierce ok. I just demanded for my own rights.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pommes Frites Bistro - Sunway Pyramid

Last week Nikky mentioned that there is one shop in the Asian Avenue that has good snacks. However, I have forgotten what snacks he was referring. I asked boy boy, and he also forgotten. So, we tried our luck, walking along the food street in Asian Avenue.

We walked past this Belgium fried stall thingy, and it brought back our memory. I remember my bro asked whether the fries are thick or thin and Nikky said it was thin. I think it is this stall that he was talking about. But he told us this stall only has snacks and not main dish, made us think twice whether to have dinner elsewhere first or try out the fries first.

So, we decided to tryout the fries first. We stood in front of the counter thinking what to order. A waiter came and told us that they have pastas. Oooo...that's good, then we can have our dinner here and no need to go for second stop.

We sat down and look at the menu. I wish they can put pictures in the menu coz me and boy boy dont know which one to order. They have clams/mussels in various different type of sauces, fries in different type of dippings and around 10 dishes of pastas.

I saw some newspaper reviews on this restaurant, so I went and read it before we placed the orders. Boy boy's set came with lemonade. He said it was good. My ice lemon tea was really good too, not too sweet and not too sour, just nice for my taste. Did I mention that my ice lemon tea was only RM2.50? consider quite cheap for a big glass.

They show you how to make Belgium fries.

Belgium fries (RM4.50) regular with BBQ dipping sauce. They have more than 25 varieties of dipping sauce, so you have to try out many times to find out which dippings you like best. Additional dipping coz RM1.

Boy boy pasta set (RM18.90) comes with a drink, soup-of-the-day and pasta. The mushroom soup was really good with big slices of button mushroom, It was really creamy and with some sprinkle of herbs together with a garlic bread.

I forgotten boy boy pasta's name. But it is somewhat like creamy chicken fettucini. The sauce was not too thick, just nice. The chicken pieces however was very salty coz it was marinated with lots of herbs. So, we have to eat the chicken together with the fettucini. And it was a great combination.

I ordered Clam Pot with white wine (RM17.90) together with creamy sauce. This set comes with salad or belgium fries. I choose salad coz I need some greens in my meal. Been facing constipation lately. And lucky we took the salad coz the thousand island tasted great! It was really good formula wei. The vegetables were fresh too. Just cant have enough of it.

Ta-da! The highly recommended clam pot. It came with lots of big big fan mushroom and button mushroom in creamy sauce (you can opt for without cream sauce if you do not fancy creamy). And 20 big clams!
The sauce was so good until boy boy finished until the last scoop of it. Take a look at the amount of clams that they served. Really generous amount.

The meal in Pommes Friters was a real satisfaction! We totally enjoyed every single dishes, starting from the drinks to the main dishes. And the bill was only RM43.80 (no service tax). We saw the cook really gives patience in his cooking process and we can taste his efforts through the food served.

Definately we will come back and tryout other dishes. Strongly recommended restaurant when you are in Sunway Pyramid. Do give it a try!

After that, I walked into Elements to surf surf the clothing there. Mana tahu they are having sales. So I took some pants to try out. The sales girl was really helpful and friendly. Whenever I meet with this type of salesgirl, I am bound to buy something from the shop. Ended up I bought one khaki pants and one working slacks for RM113.

Then, we walked back to Asian Avenue to Snowy Dessert for some cold dessert. We ordered this 'Fall In Love' that consists of mango and strawberry sago. The middle one is mango sherbet which was really nice, mango-ry flavour. The sago was a bit on the hard side, boy boy said they didnt boil it wo. If the sago is slightly softer, this dessert would be great!

Ya, fall in love with this fella every single day. So marry me fast! (what a lame excuse hor?)

Oriental Pavillion - Jaya 33

Dad has a RM50 voucher for his birthday from Oriental Group of restaurants. As usual, we went to Oriental Pavillion that is located in Jaya 33 for dim sum. Let's start with not so great and so-so dishes:

Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous rice). At first we though the piece of thing on top was abalone. My sis complained why LMK no mushroom one (coz she is a super mushroom-lover). Then when my bro took a bite, it was mushroom in fact.

Wu Kok (Yam dumpling). So-so only.

Super salty chicken feet. And Wo Tip (fried shanghai dumpling) which tasted bland.

Fried prawn mango. Quite a number of prawns and some mango sauce.

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew. Have to eat together the chilli, if not, no taste one.

Prawn dumpling.

Glutinuous rice ball in ginger soup. My sis ordered it.

I complained and complained until my dad said that my taste bud has turned fussy already, complained every single food. Swt. But it is really nothing special ma. Eat the cheap dimsum also taste better le. However, there are two dishes worth the money:

Char Siew Pao. I didnt eat but the other 4 members of my family said it was delicious.

Golden Silver Meehoon with fish fillet. It originally comes with seafood but my sis cant take seafood after surgery, so we changed it to fish. It was quite good actually.

So, our conclusion is that to come her try their normal dishes but not the dim sum. We are aiming at the peking duck.

Besides, the environment here is quite good for wedding dinner. I took the wedding dinner menu and have a look. Will consider here in the future for my wedding.

I got what I wanted!

I got my Christmas present already!
This Incanto Heaven is what I have wished for Christmas pressie last year. And someone didnt get the hint (or maybe he just ignored it), so I didnt get this last year. :-(

So, this year, I very smart already. I bought it during Isetan sales on Friday. 30ml EDT for RM125 (originial price is RM156), super cheap, limited promo set. Then, I claimed back the amount from him. Wahahhaha!

I already asked his permission whether he wanna buy this for me or not ok. Not that I forced him also. I asked him on the 50ml EDT that is selling at RM216. He said is ok. Then Isetan came out with this promo. See, I saved him RM90. Hahahha.

After that, I went to Sasa to buy eyebrow pencil. I was determined to buy the Empro brand since they claim themselves as brow specialist. Nicole used it and said it was really good. I was standing in front of the Empro display wanted to try it. Then this salesgirl came and introduce me Cyber Color eyebrow pencil, she kept on saying the texture is good, is waterproof etc.

I know Cyber Color is Sasa's inhouse brand, so if they manage to sell it, they have some commission. But I was determined to buy Empro. Furthermore, Empro's price was RM5 cheaper than CC. Since that was the case, of coz I bought Empro la.

The salesgirl doesnt give up, kept on asking me whether I need eyeliner or not la, face mask la, and lots of other stuffs. That's what I hate walking into Sasa KLCC. Have to kept on reject them. Please la, I will ask you when I wanna buy other stuffs ok.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 15

Last night I was in a conversation with boy boy:

Me: tomorrow afternoon cant teman you coz I got a makeup job...after that, I come find you dinner.

BB: Aiyo! tomorrow dinner I cant teman you wo, I got farewell party

Me: (farewell party again???) where to?

BB: clubbing lor...

Me: It's like you go clubbing every week lor, so many farewell party meh??? Last time was your senior, then this time also your senior, how many seniors do you have??

BB: No....last time is my technician, this time is my senior.

Me: But you have been to clubbing for like 5 times in 2 months! Everytime also farewell party. Wanna lie also give a better reason la. So like to clubbing

BB: No la, actually I dont like clubbing one.

Me: (oooo....that's new to me!) You sure or not? then just say dont wanna go la.

BB: Cannot la, if I say I dont wanna go, then my colleagues will be disappointed lor.

Me: ok la, ok la....go more...coz after marriage you cannot go clubbing liao.

The whole conversation was not in a heated form, it was basically both of us joking around. I am not mad. I am not pissed. or anything. Is his life what. Who am I to control him. I am no one. I just dont like him drunk like an idiot. That's it.

I told him that everytime he go clubbing, then will he one night stand with other girl or not. Instead of the usual 'Of course not' answer. He answered me with Pitbull's song called Hotel Room Service:

" Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room"
"You can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room"


My boyfriend sux big time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I didnt mean to....

I am thinking whether to write about it or not, coz if I write about it, I gonna be a joker for you all already. Can be your laughing stock as well. Nik asked me to blog about it, so I blog lor.

As usual in the office, I went to toilet to have a pee. I saw the knob was green in colour (means not occupied). So I pushed open the door.

Then I saw a girl inside with her pants down.

Not directly facing me. Her back was facing me.

Which means....

I saw her bare butt!

My first reaction was, "Opps, sorry" and quickly walked to another cubicle. Everything happened in split second.

I was like, why didnt she lock the door????? The knob was clearly GREEN in color ok. And I didnt push really hard wei. I just slightly push with one of my finger only.

It wasnt my fault that she got exposed!

Yer! Dem embarrassing la. I dont know whether she saw me or not. And I didnt see her face. From the back of it, I know she is not from my department.

When I went back to the office, I told Nik about it. I desribed to her what color clothes is the lady wearing. So, she went outside to the receptionist there and hide to find out who the lady was.

After 5 minutes, she came back and said she knows who the lady was.

I was like, "Please dont tell me, I dont wanna know. It was dem embarrasing!"

If I know who she was, how am I suppose to face her?? I really doesnt mean to peek at her wei.

Marlia asked me what did I see, what is the lady doing etc etc. I was like, "Hello! It was so dem embarrasing already you still wanna see what people is doing meh??"

Sigh, phobia already now. After that, whenever I go toilet, even though the knob is in green color, I still push it very slowly. Just in case....or maybe really just in case.....someone didnt lock the door, it will expose half of it but not the whole thing.

Laugh la, you guys.....

Cristang Restaurant - PJ

First heard about this shop from Lotsofcravings Joe. I have been wanted to try out this restaurant for quite some time as it is located in PJ area, but always forgotten about it when we wanna choose a place for dinner. After meeting Nicole a month ago and she strongly recommended this pork burger from Cristang, made me wanna go try out this restaurant.

We seldom see pork burger in Malaysia, dont we? With the exception of the Hong Kong Cafe where they sell pork burger. And there we went, with Nikky and my bro to this restaurant. Have to pay RM2 for parking as it is located inside a new building known as 8 Avenue.

The restaurant offers pastas and some finger foods. The 4 of us ordered pork burger since I strongly recommended it. And they have different varieties of pork burger starting from P1 to P7. The higher level you go, the more ingredients you will have. The standard one being the 250gm of pork patty in it.

I ordered a P3 burger (RM23.80) - Grilled pork patty, back bacon, minced pork chilli con carne. The burger was oily. Nevertheless, it tasted quite unique and tasty. The minced pork was marinated well and the pork patty was a big one. Not to forget the potato wedges was full of rosemary herbs. Wonderful!

Boy boy ordered P4 (RM25.50) that has the same ingredients as me, but it has petai in it.

Nikky ordered P6 burger (RM30.80) - Grilled pork patty, back bacon, minced pork chilli con carne, petai, grilled cajun prawns with grilled fresh cut pineapples. Woah! this version looks really fantastic wo!

My bro ordered P7 - 'The Urband Legend', the most popular of all burgers. Of coz, his version is without chilli. He said it was good, but I just cant differentiate between his P7 and my P3. Hm....I wonder why is it called like that since there is not much different?

We were satisfied with our pork burgers. But I dont think I can come and eat this every week coz I will feel jelak. Too bad, they do not do pork knuckles. But, do give it a try if you are craving for pork burger. Worth your money.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19, 8 Avenue,
Jalan Sungai Jernih (8/1),
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 7877
(Tiny directions: Coming from Jalan 222 towards Assunta Hospital, take a 90clock turn at the first roundabout, follow the road, and 8 Avenue is on your left).