Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 14

Bought Cleo magazine. While browsing through it, an article caught my attention.

"Is it time to dum him?"

Once some guy go off the boil, the heat is gone forever. Can you tell when it's time to move on?

What a title! Now, let's see which point caught my eyes straight away: point #2 --> Commitment is a dirty word.

He thinks you're great but he's not ready for marriage. When will he be ready? He can't say - and he doesnt want to think about it right now or later or ever.

Sounds familiar?

Now, let's see what the relationship counsellor Andrew Bulatov says:

You deserve a partner who loves and respects you enough to include you in his life and his plans. If you have been together for more than a few years then that really is long enough for him to decide whether he wants a future with you.

Yalor, I have been with him for 7 years already wo, why he dont want to include me in his life and plan leh? Maybe he has not decide whether he wants a future with me or not hor?

Whatever his problem is, the bottom line is that he will never be able to give you the stability and closeness you crave and you could hang in there in limbo only to find that when it comes to the crunch he walks away and you've wasted years on a guy who wasn't worth it and was only killing time with you.

This is the worst thing that can happen to me right?


- You suspect he has some wish list of the ideal woman that you can never ever live up to.

[I know he likes Lin ChiLing, Lin Xi Lei, Lin Xin Ru. He always say they are very pretty and beautiful, and always say I got small eyes. Does this count?]

- He will never commit to anything too far ahead like a holiday or a concert.

[Nope, this doesnt valid as we did travel together for holidays]

- He keeps changing the subject whenever you talk about moving in together or says marriage is a waste of time when you think it really matters.

[This depends on timing. During daytime when I asked him about marriage, he will answer "why you always so like to get married one?". But then, during night time, when I was asleep and he wants to talk to me, he will say, "both of us get married lor" just to shock me up from my sleep].

The conclusion is: I shouldn't dump him.

Wahahhaa. Now I feel more relax.

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