Thursday, October 15, 2009


The movie starts with 14 years ago on how surrogates are being developed and manufactured into large commercial scale. Until today, everyone is using surrogates to do their daily work and the ‘operator’ just need to lye at home and control his ‘unit’.
In the movie, you can see the surrogates are being charges in some sort of telephone booth thingy. You can see how military people go for war using the surrogates while the real soldier just lye down and control them. Oh, not forget to mention you can see Bruce Willis with his hair on.

I some sort agree with Military using surrogates to war but normal people using surrogate for their daily life? It is a bit ridiculous lor. You will notice in the movie that all the operators are all obese or have a very tiring face. Their look is like vampire. The movie claims that the real person will be safe from danger if they use surrogates. But they have forgotten the real feeling of touching people,

Bruce Willis is forced to come back out to the real world after a murder case on a surrogate as well as its operator. Now, the real Bruce Willis looks obese, bald and old. No offence to him. I super love him in Die Hard series. But, one cannot compare this movie with Die Hard series, it is totally uncomparable at all! If you are expecting something like Die Hard, you will end up disappointed like me after watching this movie.

Oh ya, the beauty salon for the surrogates is a must-see scene. Super Barbie-like, and super cartoony. Hahaha. Hilarious la that salon. They took out the robotic face and do facial, tighten up the cheeks or what so ever.

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I have no idea why they case Bruce Willis in this movie. In my heart, Bruce Willis is always a macho hardcore man. Wasted his talent in this movie. The movie was so-so only le, luckily I paid RM6 per tic only.

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This is my first time on your blog, nice to meet you! I hope you do not mind me following. :) Thanks for the great movie review. You have such a lovely blog. I love looking at your travel and food pictures, thank you for sharing them. I'm in the U.S. and still a student so it will be a long time before I can really travel but your pictures are so nice and they take me to another part of the world. :D