Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong

I didnt plan to go to the cultural village actually. I was more interested in the Orang Utans and Crocodile. But my colleague who is from Kuching said that it is worth while to go to the village rather than the orang utans (as the orang utans are from the wild, you might or might not see them). So, we decided to learn some cultural things on Sunday morning.

We reached there at 9.30am and the place was quite empty. Entrance fee was RM60 per person. If you are from Sarawak, it would be cheaper. But then, I was wondering why dont they offer the special price to us, Malaysians? Sarawak is part of Malaysia ma and I am here to learn Sarawak culture, why are we (the west Malaysians) have to pay the same amount as foreign tourists? I just dont understand.

We were given a passport-like book. The book describes all the different tribes in Sarawak, and there is a space for 'chop' when you enter each village. So, you can keep it as souvenir.

There are a lot of rocks in the village.

Once we entered, there were these scuptures in front. And I have no idea what it is, too lazy to squat down and read the descriptions.

The area was not big, smaller than what I imagined originally. I though the area would be as big as our Zoo Negara. Haha. The area was back by Santubong mountain and lots of greens. I, being a city girl, super love green green stuffs and I super love forest.

Thinking of which way to go first.

Bamboo bridge leading to Rumah Bidayuh.

This Rumah Orang-Ulu was built high up from the ground. So scary le when I climbed inside there.

Spot the tiny creature.

Rumah Melanau also being built quite high but not as high as orang ulu. The melanau processes sago.

I took a lot of photos actually, but it would be unfair to post everything up. You have to go and see it for yourselves. We finished walking the area after one hour and we were very much tired and bored. Nothing to play. Nothing to see already. So we waited for this Culture Dance Show.

After the whole journey, both of us were really disappointed in this Cultural Village. RM60 is totally not worth the visit lor. I do not know why they said super worth it. I have no idea. If it was priced at RM40, still consider ok la. I would not wanna go visit this super-priced place again. Plus our taxi cost, to and fro, plus the driver waited for us for 3 hours, total cost was RM150 just for taxi. Sigh. I rather go see Orang Utan and crocodile where by the ticket is only a few ringgit.

Post-visit discussion

When I went back to office on Monday, my colleague from Kuching asked me where I went. I explained the whole story to him, venting out all my disappointments to him. Then he asked me:

"Did they dance for you when you enter the house? the welcoming dance?"


"Did you play the gasing?"

"I saw the gasing ground but no one was there"

"Did you play the rope hanging on top the tall houses?"

"No, didnt see it"

"Did they teach you to tenun kain?"


"Did you play the shooting thingy?"

"I saw, but didnt play"

"Did you play the bamboo stick dance?"

"I saw, but no one was there"

"Aiyo, sayangnya!" ('what a pity')

Ok, now I feel like shooting myself.

The lesson is, do not go there so early as these people are not ready for early guests. Go there around 10 something that would be just nice. And make sure you find all those things mentioned above and play!


Renji said...

Sarawak taxi really potong ppl wan. KNS. The stupid lousy cultural village also con ppl wan. RM60 per person. WTF~! No wonder cuti-cuti Malaysia is a failure la. Come 1 time also scare liao

Renji said...

Now I understand y Malaysian always like to travel oversea.

Phui Yee said...

waa..the cultural village entrance fee is so superly expensive..Really not worth the money.

Phui Yee said...

rather spend the money to see Orang Utans since you said it cost few ringgit. might not see them also i wont feel rugi..Hahaha..

siewmun said...

sigh, kek sum la...