Saturday, October 17, 2009

Restaurant Six Happiness - Cheras

My cousin had his daughter's fullmoon dinner at Six Happiness Restaurant in Taman Shamelin Perkasa. Nowadays, I dont see Six Hap in PJ area. The last I saw was in One Utama. Never try their food before, so that day was the best day to try out.

Baby Tania.

Dont feel like making up myself, but my parents kept on mumbling, saying that how can a makeup artist dont apply makeup, how to promote my service if like that. So, hastily, I applied my makeup, it consider quite full makeup lei. I wanted to put super dark eyeliner to my eyes, but no time already, my dad was chasing me to hurry up.

Pork Vinegar Trotter and red eggs. A must-have for full moon party.

4-combination platter. The baby octopus and jellyfish was really nice.

Sharkfin soup. It tasted fishy because they use prawn soup base instead of the normal chicken stock soup base.

Roast Chicken.

Steamed Fish. Very fishy.

Chilli Prawns. Not bad.


Honeydew sago dessert. I look at the toppings I dont feel like eating already. They didnt boil the desert themsevles but use packet honeydew powder instead. Even if you use instant powder form, please make sure that you stir it properly la. Geli la when I ate the lumpy lumpy white thing on top.

Pancake and mini pao.

Six Happiness food is worse than Tai Thong and Overseas. I wont think of having my wedding dinner there.

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