Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 1st Bloggiversary!

Happy Anniversary to my blog! It has been a year since I started my blog and I have written 361 posts for the past one year. Not easy ei.

Although not many people read my blog, but I have few loyal readers with me. Thanks to all your support. Your comments made me continue writing. Please do not stop chatting on my chatbox. Chat whatever you want and my blog mediator (Renji kun) will talk to you if you are bored.

I noticed my most famous posts are all from Tiny Thoughts. Whenever I wrote a tiny thoughts, then my blog hits will increase suddenly. You guys really love to read my tiny thoughts huh, I wonder have you ever feel bored reading my tiny thoughts. Haha. Nevertheless, I will still write tiny thoughts whenever I have the inspiration. Wont stop writing that until I manage to marry myself out. Wahahhaha.

Besides, today is also my 7th year anniversary with boy boy. He is in Penang since yesterday (attended a wedding dinner) and on the way back now. I have been so bored throughout the day. No plan without him around. And have been watching Man In Charge (Mok Hao Dai Lou Yeh) since yesterday until now (on episode 15 already).

Later, I am not having dinner with him to celebrate our occassion, instead I will be heading to Cheras to have my cousin's baby fullmoon dinner. Will have our celebration maybe tomorrow or the next weekend. Havent think of anywhere to dine yet.

I gave him a pen as our anniversary pressie. Dont know what he will give me lei. I wonder. maybe is a ring?


Naruto said...

A ring ? Onion-ring

Naruto said...

Just joking. Lets hope its a real ring

Phuiyee said...

Ring? ok, i pray harder for you ya..

Renji said...

Wei you all nothing better to say ah, dun menyalakan her fire la. Yeah yeah let's go to Ipoh this Saturday ok?

Kalmo said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary! What an accomplishment, it takes a lot of dedication to update so frequently. Good job! :)