Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Makan-makan di Kuching, Sarawak

Went to Kuching for a business trip last weekend. Before I went, I insisted that I wanna see the Cat Statue (of coz ma, if go Kuching didnt see the cat statue, how can I consider that I have been to Kuching before lei). And there I went, Cat Statue in the town. Although not the 'real' one (I mean the first cat statue, original one), but I am still happy that I found it. This one is just located in front of Magarita Hotel.

Topspot Seafood

Hotel shutter driver told us that there is a nice place for seafood which is Topspot at the top of the parking lot. Luckily it was walking distance from the drop off point to Topspot. It was 5.30pm and we were really hungry. We walked to the top and saw 5-6 restaurant of seafood there. Opps, the shutter driver didnt tell us which restaurant offers the best seafood.

We walked along the place and all the waiters or waitress trying to lure you into their place. At first, my strategy was to patron which ever restaurant that has more customers. Since it was 5.30pm, which was still early for dinner, there were not many people there. Thus, my strategy doesnt work.

So, I went by instinct --> Bukit Mata Seafood. Hehe. If a kuching chap reading my post sure I kena scolding if I went to the lousy seafood restaurant. But, no choice la, no one recommend me ma.

The fella who took our order was really friendly and honest. We kept on asking about the price for each seafood, he patiently poked his calculator and told us each price.

Buttered Prawns (300g). We went for the small prawns as we already ordered one 'luxury' before that. Do not aspect this dish to taste like the ones in KL / PJ. This Kuching version was really buttery, sticky, and it was tasty! I should have order 500g!

Belacan Sabah Vege (RM6). Go Sarawak and eat Sabah vege. Hehe. Need to eat this coz I couldnt find it here in PJ. Normal only.

Mango Thai Style Fried Fish. I forgotten what type of fish already. It was a bit fishy taste and the sauce was so-so only.

Ta-da! our luxury item --> Lobster stir fried with black pepper. Woohoo~!!! It was really meaty and the pepper was really hot and the aroma was really good. Sarawak indeed has the best pepper, no doubt about it. Should have order a bigger one. Hahaha.

Guess how much was the bill for the two of us? RM57. Darn cheap! For RM57 u only can get a tiny lobster in PJ. When we left, it was 7pm and the sky was dark already. We walked pass another restaurant and they have the most customers out of all 6 restaurants. Oppsie! I think we went to the second best one. The restaurant we went also got lots of customers ok.

Taipei 101

Celebrated Mooncake Festival in Kuching. Actually didnt celebrate also la, just thought of eating a nice meal for this special occasion. Didnt dare to go to the town anymore coz it was dem difficult to find a taxi there (it took us 15 min to see the first taxi passed by). Walked out to the shophouses area in front of the hotel.

There is no western food, or higher class cafe or Japanese food, or Korean food. There is one Italian restaurant but I dont feel like eating cheesey things that night. Saw a Chong Hing Steamboat restaurant which was full of people. But my stomach was not up for super spicy 'ma latt' soup that night as well. There are lots of Chinese seafood restaurant there but all full house. I do think that the seafood there is more expensive than the one we had in Topspot.

So, we settled down at a Taiwanese restaurant. The milk tea was priced at RM3.50 each.

Taiwan Sausage (RM2.50). It has strong herbal taste in it which is quite good. But I still prefer the spicy sausage version.

Red Oil Dumplings (RM5 I think). I prefer Dragon-i version of this dish.

Mee soup (RM5)

Pork ribs mee (RM6).

The food served here was so-so only.

Hawker stalls

My hotel was near the airport, in other words, is far from town. So my choice of food hunting were really limited. We went to this Hawker center for lunch. Mee Kolo stall was closed. WTH! Go sarawak must try mee kolo but I didnt get to try it. This was our last meal in Sarawak, and I havent even mee kolo and sarawak laksa. Dem.

Chap Kuey. I think is mix pork parts with something that looks like kuey teow thingy. The soup tasted almost similar to bak kut teh but was not as strong taste as BKT.

ABC. The brown syrup tasted like sarsi.

Kam Pua Mee. Ah-ha, at least I tried something that only Sarawak has. It tasted almost like Hakka mee but it was more bland than hakka mee.

And I do not know what is this being called, it has 3 words and the last one was 'ding' (that was the only word I remember). Since we do not know what was it, we order it and see lor. It was mix pork, squid, mushroom, the kuey teow thingy in a strong ginger soup. It was like eating porridge but not so porridge-y like that. Hehe. weird.

And these 2 tiny things also I have forgotten the name. It was from the same stall as above. The bread was crunchy and slightly hard in texture. It has minced meat in it. Tasted not bad.

That was all I could try in Kuching for the 3 days. Of coz it was not much, I went there for work ok, not vacation le. All I could say that the food in kuching were not really my cup of tea le. I dont know how to eat their food. It wasnt that bad, but it wasnt that good either. Maybe I didnt go to the really really delicious one?

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