Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jom Heboh TV3 event

I am back to KL! back to my sweet and comfortable bed.

The Jom Heboh event in Batu Kawan Stadium, Prai was super tiring, super hot and the air was super dirty.

On the first day itself, I almost fainted under the hot sun. While waiting for a guy to fill up the survey form, the floor started to spin, and my vision started to black out any minute. I stand until he filled up then I walked to the back of my booth and sat on a chair. Feeling dizzy. Feeling nausea. Feeling tired. Feeling super uncomfortable. Super weak.

Luckily it was 12pm and it was our rest time. I took a nap and I felt better. At least the nausea and dizzy feeling has gone. One of our SVP asked me to go back to the hotel and rest, but I refused. I went there to help them, so I cant rest in hotel. I felt guilty.

2pm, I felt better so I continued giving out survey form, but this time, I stood under the fan, dont want to go out there anymore. 7pm, we have done our job.

At night, we went to Batu Ferringi for dinner. On our way back, our driver was super tired already, so he sped, but py and I fell asleep already. Then suddenly, we heard the driver shouting, "Wei, AH MOI! PAKAI SEATBELT! Road block!". Woah! me and py straight away woke up and find for our seatbelt.

We found the seatbelt but couldnt find the button. SHIT SHit. So we just hugged the seatbelt and acted like we were sleeping. Ok, police block passed. But hor, my driver went into the wrong road then we have to turn back out again, and we passed by the police road block second time. Luckily, the police didnt stop us. Phew.

After the road block, our driver sped up again. Then out of no where, he drove pass a bump, with a super fast speed. PY and I was sitting at the back row of Naza Ria. So, I got bounced up and my head hit the ceiling. SWT! I was already half dizzy during day time, now my head hit the ceiling pulak, really want me to faint le.

PY didnt hit coz she grabbed the side of the chair in time. So, she kept on laughing at me. Everything we brought this subject up, she laughed until her tears came out. She insisted that I 'FLEW' up. I told her that it was not funny, but she said that everytime she thinks of me 'flying' up to the ceiling scene, she cant stop laughing. I bet that when she read this post, she will start laughing non-stop again. I am her joker now. Pissed.

On Sunday, I was smart also not to go out under the hot sun. I just stayed under the booth. The event was super tiring. I got a nice sun-tan, but PY got sun-burned on her face and skin. Rashes all came out on her hand due to the bad environment (Batu Kawan area is in the middle of industrial area where all the gas being emitted). God knows how much gas that we have inhaled throughout these 2 days.

I am having sore throat now with a sexy voice. Sigh. This Saturday need to do presentation in Sabah also. Hopefully my sore throat recovers le.

Anyway, there is another Jom Heboh by TV3 event in Bukit Jalil Stadium on the first weekend of December. Do go there, coz Munchies and Ribenna is super cheap. And our booth has Faoziah Gous and Iqram Dinzly! Now, we hope that we can get exemption from dutying in the booth in the future coz one alsmost fainted and one got skin sensitive. Hahahha.

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