Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is a bit disgusting lor...

Yesterday, PY and I went to our usual place (Wisma Sentral) for lunch. Both of us ordered Pan Mee. The pan mee served in this shop is really nice. At least one week once we eat the pan mee.

While I was half way (or maybe a quarter) way through the pan mee, I saw a black tiny little thing and I thought it was the head of the ikan billis, but doesn't quite look like it. So I took it up with a chopstick and examined it thoroughly.

I let PY have a look but she said it was really disgusting coz she is eating pan mee as well. (Both of our pan mee soup are from the same cooking pot). Then I looked again, the thing has legs! The body is slightly stripey. Erm....I 100% think that it is not ikan billis head lor, it is 98% baby cockroach! Super GELI~!!!

So, I called for the lady boss. I told her in a nice way, "your pan mee has this little thing in it woh". She straight away said, "oh, I will change another bowl of pan mee for you".

I replied, "Erm....but I dont think I want pan mee".

She said, "can I cook you something then?"

"Fried rice, take away".


I was happy with her reaction. Actually she supposed to give me back my money right? (we paid the pan mee when it arrived). But how often people refund you the money? They are doing business also ma. It just a cheap skate Chinese restaurant, not the high high class restaurant also. Since she said she give me other things to compensate, I am fine with it.

And, we waited, waited, waited. 15 minutes in total. I was like, "what take them so long to fry rice? not many patrons already ma". It was like 1.55pm already but my fried rice has not arrived yet. I was so scared that the cook adds some saliva it in, or maybe sneeze?? Yucks! Or maybe she acted dont know and aspect me to walk away without taking my fried rice???

So, I fed up, I stood up and walked towards the lady boss, who has just sat down to take her lunch. I, again, asked in a very nice way, "Erm, where is my fried rice?". She was shocked, "Har! they haven't give you ar? Is ready already, I asked them to take it to you, never mind, I go pack it for you. So sorry".

That was how I got my fried rice for free. After walking back to the office, my stomach felt weird and turning, round, round, and turning. Psychology ? Or really stomach ache? I have no idea. Until now I still have yet to shit.

P/S: Going to watch Pandorum later at 9.30pm with Jackie as Boy boy flew me kite.

PP/S: This Friday going to Penang and will back on Monday for official business, wont be updating blog.

PP/S: Please dont bring my Boy boy go clubbing when I am not around ya.

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