Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girl colleagues day out!

Yesterday (Friday) was a holiday for us as our company gave a holiday to replace Deepavali that falls on Saturday. Yahoo! A girls day-out! We have our full day program planned. Started with dimsum as breakfast at 9am.

Then, we went to Pudu, KL to look for roast goose. [PJ has no roast goose]. PY wanted to buy roast goose for her late dad. Since she dont wanna go alone, she tagged me along, and I tagged AL along. We drew a map, but stupid junction does not allow us to turn right. WTH! Luckily AL is familiar with pudu roads.

We found this shop, Restoran Wei Kee. Actually, there were lots of restaurant selling roast goose, so it depends on your personal taste. PY has determined to purchase from this restaurant as Ah Xian has visisted it before. The prices for roast goose was bizzare-ly expensive wei, it was like 5x of a duck price. Look at it!

The pricing is not fixed, it depends on the size. That day, the smallest goose cost RM148, that was the one that I bought. I asked why it is soooo expensive. The lady boss said coz they import the goose from Hong Kong and it costs a lot. Locally, there is no farm that can breed the goose successfully. Oh I see.

We asked how to differentiate goose with duck, the lady boss told us that goose body is longer and bigger. That's about it. Hahaha. So, PY said that we can only diffentiate it when the goose is hanging beside a duck.

[After eating the goose, my body was really heaty, super hot! At first I thought they put lots of ajinomoto (additives), but my mum said it was all herbs. My dad said it was good, lots of meat, really better than duck. To me, it did taste better than duck, but I still think that it is too expensive to eat it every week.]

After putting the goose safely back home, we proceeded to One Utama. PY drove. Her driving skills were really terrer, my heart beat increased when I sat in her car. But, the fact is I am still here writing the blog, which means I am still alive. Wahahhaa. She is so gonna cekik me.

We reached Neway at 12pm, but the girl said it was fully booked and she booked us for 2pm session. So, we went to play bowling to spend some time. It was RM2.50 per game (for 10am - 2pm weekdays). OMG! I never play such a cheap bowling in my entire life. We played 2 games and it was like RM7 per person (RM2 for shoes). Super cheap!

AL won the first round. Dont play play with her wei, she is very fierce!

Then, second round, dont know what happened to AL. Look at her first 4 games. Only super terrer people can do like that. Zero zero zero zero strike. Terrer lei. According to her, the #6 ball hole is too small for her finger but #8 ball is too heavy for her. So, she has to juggle with the balls, so standard up and down. Poor thing.

I noticed that she only walked 2 steps before throwing the ball. Then I said, 'no momentum lor like that'. She answered, 'if I walk more steps, I scare I will get throw down the lane together with the ball'. Ya hor, she is so freaking light and small size, no wonder she is worried. Hehe.

After 2 games, our hands were a bit numb. We went to Neway and waited for our turn to sing karaoke. It was RM18++ plus one tea set and one drink. Titbits can be changed to drink or food. Look at song #7, AL chose it. I swt!

We sang for 4 hours non-stop. This PY sing song became shout song towards the end. My voice gone coarse already. But, this is the best way to release stress after stressing for a week in the office. I can shout my heart out. It was a fun way to release tension. When we gonna sing again??? I am so addicted to it.

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