Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Kuching

Usually, when I travel, I do not write about the hotel that I am staying in because I scare I capture something in my pictures. However, I will do an exception this time as this hotel is a must-blog! Now, let's see what happened during my stay there.

When we checked in, the front counter told Farid that his room was not ready, and they will compensate him by giving a 2 queen size bedroom. Swt. You call that 'compensate'??? Why do one person need TWO queen size bed? The hotel is so huge wei, and they have thousands of rooms, just give another one-king-size bedroom cannot meh??? What is so difficult??? At that time, Farid told me, "someone told me that if i got 2 beds in a room, i must put something on top of the empty bed". Then I looked at him, "that person is me la!".

Once I entered the room, the TV very high tech one wo, got a welcoming message for me. It was sooo 'high tech' until I dont know what to click to go into another screen. Maybe I am doink. Actually just need to click the 'OK' button. Cannot blame me coz for other hotels, I just need to click the number then I can watch my programs liao. Then I heard my colleagues said, the TV wont switch off by clicking the 'OFF' button, and sometimes, it automatically off itself. My colleagues said this tv is creepy.

I was staying 3 days 2 nights there, but on the 2nd night, the remote control has ran out of battery. =.=" and I lazy to call them up to fix. Luckily I have my magazine and novel with me to read.

The bathroom was really huge. They have a bath tub.

And a separate shower place. Notice there is another shower on top of the ceiling? the square one. It is spoilt. I thought I can get my first experience on ceiliing shower. But, disappointed. I wonder what's the point of fixing a ceiling shower that doesnt function? Mind you, this hotel is less than a year old only.

Now, the bed was huge as well, King size! with four super big pillows. The pillows were so big until it can act as a bolster. I didnt quite sleep well. This is normal for me as I am sleeping on a foreign bed. But both my colleagues (Farid and Zamri) also complained that they woke up a few times throughout the night, and it is ABNORMAL for them, they usually sleep very well in hotels. Aura not good.

Notice the wooden floor? and I almost slip few times because of the slippery-ness. I just hope that they carpeted the whole floor.

And the food at the hotel was really bad. I took one round of food, then I dont bother going second round. Coz nothing nice to eat ma.

This is not the end of my story. Actually I should name my post as one of the Tiny Pisses.

Farid requested for late check out at 4pm (my company already arranged our check out time to be 2pm), coz our flight is 5.35pm and the hotel is like 5 minutes drive from the airport. The front desk kept on saying CANNOT, latest is 2pm. Farid, was half pissing off, gone into the lift, and suddenly, KONG KONG! The lift was stucked between 1st and 2nd floor. [he was alone in the lift ya]. He pressed the emergency bell and waited for the help.

"Sir, we know you are inside, not to worry! we will fix this lift"

"Sir, we are going to move the lift down mannually, so we have to off the lights! Not to worry, we can see you through our CCTV"

So, Farid was in the dark and no air-con condition for 40 minutes. When he came out, the hotel Assistant Manager was there, in an apologetic manner, "We are so sorry sir, anything we can do for you? anything!".

"I want to check out at 4pm!"

"Ok, no problem!"

"All my other colleagues as well!"

"Ok, no problem! We will arrange transport for you to the airport as well"

And there we got our late check out at 4pm. Must thanks to Farid. Hehe. Poor him la. Trapped in the dark for 40 minutes. In a confined compartment somemore. If I kena this hor, sure the hotel will kena teruk from me and my post wont be this short already. Farid has such a good nature. I 'interviewed' him on what is it feel like during that time. He said, "luckily it was 1st and 2nd floor, if the lift drop also just a show distance, I wont be injured. If I am trapped on the 6th floor, I definately will panic!".

I heard that the lifts just started operation in June 2009. So fast got problem??? I wonder how the contractors do their work. Another thing is that, there is this lift always open on the 6th floor (I am staying at 6th floor). Once I step inside, I couldnt press anything, and the lift door wont close. I stepped back out and dont dare to go into the lift anymore. Weird right? If the lift is spoilt, just put a sign there la, but why leave that lift open like that?? Yer....creepy.

When we checked out and we were sent to the car, the Assistant Manager told Farid, "Hope to see you again sir!". Farid just smiled. You think after all the things happened to him, he will come back???? In your dreams la! I also wont go back.

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