Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

We went to Tony Romas for celebration. There is no Chillis in Pyramid, so we settled with TR. I bought 2 belts and boy boy paid for it, as our present. See, told you there is no ring for me.

Grilled Cod Fish with kicking sauce. The fish was really fresh, the meat was tender and soft. The sauce was special too, it was like thousand island sauce with some chilli in it. I didnt expect a fish to taste that nice. Awesome dish.

Chicken burger with 2 slab of beef ham.

Boy boy always dont like to smile when we take picture. I dont understand. I told him that he must practice how to smile, if not he will look moody in our wedding pictures. People might think that he is forced to get married. Right?

7 years of relationship. Never thought of it. Not easy to come this far. Even he doesnt want to marry me (yet), I still very much love him.

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