Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 14

Bought Cleo magazine. While browsing through it, an article caught my attention.

"Is it time to dum him?"

Once some guy go off the boil, the heat is gone forever. Can you tell when it's time to move on?

What a title! Now, let's see which point caught my eyes straight away: point #2 --> Commitment is a dirty word.

He thinks you're great but he's not ready for marriage. When will he be ready? He can't say - and he doesnt want to think about it right now or later or ever.

Sounds familiar?

Now, let's see what the relationship counsellor Andrew Bulatov says:

You deserve a partner who loves and respects you enough to include you in his life and his plans. If you have been together for more than a few years then that really is long enough for him to decide whether he wants a future with you.

Yalor, I have been with him for 7 years already wo, why he dont want to include me in his life and plan leh? Maybe he has not decide whether he wants a future with me or not hor?

Whatever his problem is, the bottom line is that he will never be able to give you the stability and closeness you crave and you could hang in there in limbo only to find that when it comes to the crunch he walks away and you've wasted years on a guy who wasn't worth it and was only killing time with you.

This is the worst thing that can happen to me right?


- You suspect he has some wish list of the ideal woman that you can never ever live up to.

[I know he likes Lin ChiLing, Lin Xi Lei, Lin Xin Ru. He always say they are very pretty and beautiful, and always say I got small eyes. Does this count?]

- He will never commit to anything too far ahead like a holiday or a concert.

[Nope, this doesnt valid as we did travel together for holidays]

- He keeps changing the subject whenever you talk about moving in together or says marriage is a waste of time when you think it really matters.

[This depends on timing. During daytime when I asked him about marriage, he will answer "why you always so like to get married one?". But then, during night time, when I was asleep and he wants to talk to me, he will say, "both of us get married lor" just to shock me up from my sleep].

The conclusion is: I shouldn't dump him.

Wahahhaa. Now I feel more relax.

Jom Heboh TV3 event

I am back to KL! back to my sweet and comfortable bed.

The Jom Heboh event in Batu Kawan Stadium, Prai was super tiring, super hot and the air was super dirty.

On the first day itself, I almost fainted under the hot sun. While waiting for a guy to fill up the survey form, the floor started to spin, and my vision started to black out any minute. I stand until he filled up then I walked to the back of my booth and sat on a chair. Feeling dizzy. Feeling nausea. Feeling tired. Feeling super uncomfortable. Super weak.

Luckily it was 12pm and it was our rest time. I took a nap and I felt better. At least the nausea and dizzy feeling has gone. One of our SVP asked me to go back to the hotel and rest, but I refused. I went there to help them, so I cant rest in hotel. I felt guilty.

2pm, I felt better so I continued giving out survey form, but this time, I stood under the fan, dont want to go out there anymore. 7pm, we have done our job.

At night, we went to Batu Ferringi for dinner. On our way back, our driver was super tired already, so he sped, but py and I fell asleep already. Then suddenly, we heard the driver shouting, "Wei, AH MOI! PAKAI SEATBELT! Road block!". Woah! me and py straight away woke up and find for our seatbelt.

We found the seatbelt but couldnt find the button. SHIT SHit. So we just hugged the seatbelt and acted like we were sleeping. Ok, police block passed. But hor, my driver went into the wrong road then we have to turn back out again, and we passed by the police road block second time. Luckily, the police didnt stop us. Phew.

After the road block, our driver sped up again. Then out of no where, he drove pass a bump, with a super fast speed. PY and I was sitting at the back row of Naza Ria. So, I got bounced up and my head hit the ceiling. SWT! I was already half dizzy during day time, now my head hit the ceiling pulak, really want me to faint le.

PY didnt hit coz she grabbed the side of the chair in time. So, she kept on laughing at me. Everything we brought this subject up, she laughed until her tears came out. She insisted that I 'FLEW' up. I told her that it was not funny, but she said that everytime she thinks of me 'flying' up to the ceiling scene, she cant stop laughing. I bet that when she read this post, she will start laughing non-stop again. I am her joker now. Pissed.

On Sunday, I was smart also not to go out under the hot sun. I just stayed under the booth. The event was super tiring. I got a nice sun-tan, but PY got sun-burned on her face and skin. Rashes all came out on her hand due to the bad environment (Batu Kawan area is in the middle of industrial area where all the gas being emitted). God knows how much gas that we have inhaled throughout these 2 days.

I am having sore throat now with a sexy voice. Sigh. This Saturday need to do presentation in Sabah also. Hopefully my sore throat recovers le.

Anyway, there is another Jom Heboh by TV3 event in Bukit Jalil Stadium on the first weekend of December. Do go there, coz Munchies and Ribenna is super cheap. And our booth has Faoziah Gous and Iqram Dinzly! Now, we hope that we can get exemption from dutying in the booth in the future coz one alsmost fainted and one got skin sensitive. Hahahha.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My dad told me it was an alien movie who hunts people in the spaceship, similar to Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens. But, the thing that was supposed to be alien, doesn’t look like an alien, it looked more like a human mutant to me. It was described as ‘Humanoid Creature’ by Wikipedia. These creatures have a disfigure face and body, and slimmey skin, with super fast speed. How they ended up like that, you have to watch the movie and find out lor.

This movie is not for faint-hearted, or maybe people like me. It was intense, horror, disturbing, and disgusting. It is indeed a thriller. Action continued with action and action again, till the end. You will open your eyes from the start till the end. What I meant is that you won’t fall asleep in this movie.

Except. One person. A person named Jackie.

She went for happy hour before going for a movie, drank a few beers. After the first 10 minutes into the movie, she fell asleep. Until the last 5 minutes of the movie, she woke up and saw the ending (it was really near ending, after all those actions). The first question she asked me, “what was the movie all about?”. The second statement from her, “really nice to sleep”. I almost fainted, not because of the movie, but because of her!

The story took quite awhile for me to understand as I have slightly missed the starting of the movie (because this Jackie was late). It is somewhat like a murderer hunting for victims, or maybe a cannibal eating the victim alive, and some gory scenes (I think I have over-summarized the movie, hahaha). Or not to forget some kungfu fighting scenes.

It is worthwhile to watch it if you like this type of genre.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is a bit disgusting lor...

Yesterday, PY and I went to our usual place (Wisma Sentral) for lunch. Both of us ordered Pan Mee. The pan mee served in this shop is really nice. At least one week once we eat the pan mee.

While I was half way (or maybe a quarter) way through the pan mee, I saw a black tiny little thing and I thought it was the head of the ikan billis, but doesn't quite look like it. So I took it up with a chopstick and examined it thoroughly.

I let PY have a look but she said it was really disgusting coz she is eating pan mee as well. (Both of our pan mee soup are from the same cooking pot). Then I looked again, the thing has legs! The body is slightly stripey. Erm....I 100% think that it is not ikan billis head lor, it is 98% baby cockroach! Super GELI~!!!

So, I called for the lady boss. I told her in a nice way, "your pan mee has this little thing in it woh". She straight away said, "oh, I will change another bowl of pan mee for you".

I replied, "Erm....but I dont think I want pan mee".

She said, "can I cook you something then?"

"Fried rice, take away".


I was happy with her reaction. Actually she supposed to give me back my money right? (we paid the pan mee when it arrived). But how often people refund you the money? They are doing business also ma. It just a cheap skate Chinese restaurant, not the high high class restaurant also. Since she said she give me other things to compensate, I am fine with it.

And, we waited, waited, waited. 15 minutes in total. I was like, "what take them so long to fry rice? not many patrons already ma". It was like 1.55pm already but my fried rice has not arrived yet. I was so scared that the cook adds some saliva it in, or maybe sneeze?? Yucks! Or maybe she acted dont know and aspect me to walk away without taking my fried rice???

So, I fed up, I stood up and walked towards the lady boss, who has just sat down to take her lunch. I, again, asked in a very nice way, "Erm, where is my fried rice?". She was shocked, "Har! they haven't give you ar? Is ready already, I asked them to take it to you, never mind, I go pack it for you. So sorry".

That was how I got my fried rice for free. After walking back to the office, my stomach felt weird and turning, round, round, and turning. Psychology ? Or really stomach ache? I have no idea. Until now I still have yet to shit.

P/S: Going to watch Pandorum later at 9.30pm with Jackie as Boy boy flew me kite.

PP/S: This Friday going to Penang and will back on Monday for official business, wont be updating blog.

PP/S: Please dont bring my Boy boy go clubbing when I am not around ya.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

We went to Tony Romas for celebration. There is no Chillis in Pyramid, so we settled with TR. I bought 2 belts and boy boy paid for it, as our present. See, told you there is no ring for me.

Grilled Cod Fish with kicking sauce. The fish was really fresh, the meat was tender and soft. The sauce was special too, it was like thousand island sauce with some chilli in it. I didnt expect a fish to taste that nice. Awesome dish.

Chicken burger with 2 slab of beef ham.

Boy boy always dont like to smile when we take picture. I dont understand. I told him that he must practice how to smile, if not he will look moody in our wedding pictures. People might think that he is forced to get married. Right?

7 years of relationship. Never thought of it. Not easy to come this far. Even he doesnt want to marry me (yet), I still very much love him.

Girl colleagues day out!

Yesterday (Friday) was a holiday for us as our company gave a holiday to replace Deepavali that falls on Saturday. Yahoo! A girls day-out! We have our full day program planned. Started with dimsum as breakfast at 9am.

Then, we went to Pudu, KL to look for roast goose. [PJ has no roast goose]. PY wanted to buy roast goose for her late dad. Since she dont wanna go alone, she tagged me along, and I tagged AL along. We drew a map, but stupid junction does not allow us to turn right. WTH! Luckily AL is familiar with pudu roads.

We found this shop, Restoran Wei Kee. Actually, there were lots of restaurant selling roast goose, so it depends on your personal taste. PY has determined to purchase from this restaurant as Ah Xian has visisted it before. The prices for roast goose was bizzare-ly expensive wei, it was like 5x of a duck price. Look at it!

The pricing is not fixed, it depends on the size. That day, the smallest goose cost RM148, that was the one that I bought. I asked why it is soooo expensive. The lady boss said coz they import the goose from Hong Kong and it costs a lot. Locally, there is no farm that can breed the goose successfully. Oh I see.

We asked how to differentiate goose with duck, the lady boss told us that goose body is longer and bigger. That's about it. Hahaha. So, PY said that we can only diffentiate it when the goose is hanging beside a duck.

[After eating the goose, my body was really heaty, super hot! At first I thought they put lots of ajinomoto (additives), but my mum said it was all herbs. My dad said it was good, lots of meat, really better than duck. To me, it did taste better than duck, but I still think that it is too expensive to eat it every week.]

After putting the goose safely back home, we proceeded to One Utama. PY drove. Her driving skills were really terrer, my heart beat increased when I sat in her car. But, the fact is I am still here writing the blog, which means I am still alive. Wahahhaa. She is so gonna cekik me.

We reached Neway at 12pm, but the girl said it was fully booked and she booked us for 2pm session. So, we went to play bowling to spend some time. It was RM2.50 per game (for 10am - 2pm weekdays). OMG! I never play such a cheap bowling in my entire life. We played 2 games and it was like RM7 per person (RM2 for shoes). Super cheap!

AL won the first round. Dont play play with her wei, she is very fierce!

Then, second round, dont know what happened to AL. Look at her first 4 games. Only super terrer people can do like that. Zero zero zero zero strike. Terrer lei. According to her, the #6 ball hole is too small for her finger but #8 ball is too heavy for her. So, she has to juggle with the balls, so standard up and down. Poor thing.

I noticed that she only walked 2 steps before throwing the ball. Then I said, 'no momentum lor like that'. She answered, 'if I walk more steps, I scare I will get throw down the lane together with the ball'. Ya hor, she is so freaking light and small size, no wonder she is worried. Hehe.

After 2 games, our hands were a bit numb. We went to Neway and waited for our turn to sing karaoke. It was RM18++ plus one tea set and one drink. Titbits can be changed to drink or food. Look at song #7, AL chose it. I swt!

We sang for 4 hours non-stop. This PY sing song became shout song towards the end. My voice gone coarse already. But, this is the best way to release stress after stressing for a week in the office. I can shout my heart out. It was a fun way to release tension. When we gonna sing again??? I am so addicted to it.

Restaurant Six Happiness - Cheras

My cousin had his daughter's fullmoon dinner at Six Happiness Restaurant in Taman Shamelin Perkasa. Nowadays, I dont see Six Hap in PJ area. The last I saw was in One Utama. Never try their food before, so that day was the best day to try out.

Baby Tania.

Dont feel like making up myself, but my parents kept on mumbling, saying that how can a makeup artist dont apply makeup, how to promote my service if like that. So, hastily, I applied my makeup, it consider quite full makeup lei. I wanted to put super dark eyeliner to my eyes, but no time already, my dad was chasing me to hurry up.

Pork Vinegar Trotter and red eggs. A must-have for full moon party.

4-combination platter. The baby octopus and jellyfish was really nice.

Sharkfin soup. It tasted fishy because they use prawn soup base instead of the normal chicken stock soup base.

Roast Chicken.

Steamed Fish. Very fishy.

Chilli Prawns. Not bad.


Honeydew sago dessert. I look at the toppings I dont feel like eating already. They didnt boil the desert themsevles but use packet honeydew powder instead. Even if you use instant powder form, please make sure that you stir it properly la. Geli la when I ate the lumpy lumpy white thing on top.

Pancake and mini pao.

Six Happiness food is worse than Tai Thong and Overseas. I wont think of having my wedding dinner there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The movie starts with 14 years ago on how surrogates are being developed and manufactured into large commercial scale. Until today, everyone is using surrogates to do their daily work and the ‘operator’ just need to lye at home and control his ‘unit’.
In the movie, you can see the surrogates are being charges in some sort of telephone booth thingy. You can see how military people go for war using the surrogates while the real soldier just lye down and control them. Oh, not forget to mention you can see Bruce Willis with his hair on.

I some sort agree with Military using surrogates to war but normal people using surrogate for their daily life? It is a bit ridiculous lor. You will notice in the movie that all the operators are all obese or have a very tiring face. Their look is like vampire. The movie claims that the real person will be safe from danger if they use surrogates. But they have forgotten the real feeling of touching people,

Bruce Willis is forced to come back out to the real world after a murder case on a surrogate as well as its operator. Now, the real Bruce Willis looks obese, bald and old. No offence to him. I super love him in Die Hard series. But, one cannot compare this movie with Die Hard series, it is totally uncomparable at all! If you are expecting something like Die Hard, you will end up disappointed like me after watching this movie.

Oh ya, the beauty salon for the surrogates is a must-see scene. Super Barbie-like, and super cartoony. Hahaha. Hilarious la that salon. They took out the robotic face and do facial, tighten up the cheeks or what so ever.

pictures credited to www.movies.yahoo.com

I have no idea why they case Bruce Willis in this movie. In my heart, Bruce Willis is always a macho hardcore man. Wasted his talent in this movie. The movie was so-so only le, luckily I paid RM6 per tic only.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 1st Bloggiversary!

Happy Anniversary to my blog! It has been a year since I started my blog and I have written 361 posts for the past one year. Not easy ei.

Although not many people read my blog, but I have few loyal readers with me. Thanks to all your support. Your comments made me continue writing. Please do not stop chatting on my chatbox. Chat whatever you want and my blog mediator (Renji kun) will talk to you if you are bored.

I noticed my most famous posts are all from Tiny Thoughts. Whenever I wrote a tiny thoughts, then my blog hits will increase suddenly. You guys really love to read my tiny thoughts huh, I wonder have you ever feel bored reading my tiny thoughts. Haha. Nevertheless, I will still write tiny thoughts whenever I have the inspiration. Wont stop writing that until I manage to marry myself out. Wahahhaha.

Besides, today is also my 7th year anniversary with boy boy. He is in Penang since yesterday (attended a wedding dinner) and on the way back now. I have been so bored throughout the day. No plan without him around. And have been watching Man In Charge (Mok Hao Dai Lou Yeh) since yesterday until now (on episode 15 already).

Later, I am not having dinner with him to celebrate our occassion, instead I will be heading to Cheras to have my cousin's baby fullmoon dinner. Will have our celebration maybe tomorrow or the next weekend. Havent think of anywhere to dine yet.

I gave him a pen as our anniversary pressie. Dont know what he will give me lei. I wonder. maybe is a ring?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Kuching

Usually, when I travel, I do not write about the hotel that I am staying in because I scare I capture something in my pictures. However, I will do an exception this time as this hotel is a must-blog! Now, let's see what happened during my stay there.

When we checked in, the front counter told Farid that his room was not ready, and they will compensate him by giving a 2 queen size bedroom. Swt. You call that 'compensate'??? Why do one person need TWO queen size bed? The hotel is so huge wei, and they have thousands of rooms, just give another one-king-size bedroom cannot meh??? What is so difficult??? At that time, Farid told me, "someone told me that if i got 2 beds in a room, i must put something on top of the empty bed". Then I looked at him, "that person is me la!".

Once I entered the room, the TV very high tech one wo, got a welcoming message for me. It was sooo 'high tech' until I dont know what to click to go into another screen. Maybe I am doink. Actually just need to click the 'OK' button. Cannot blame me coz for other hotels, I just need to click the number then I can watch my programs liao. Then I heard my colleagues said, the TV wont switch off by clicking the 'OFF' button, and sometimes, it automatically off itself. My colleagues said this tv is creepy.

I was staying 3 days 2 nights there, but on the 2nd night, the remote control has ran out of battery. =.=" and I lazy to call them up to fix. Luckily I have my magazine and novel with me to read.

The bathroom was really huge. They have a bath tub.

And a separate shower place. Notice there is another shower on top of the ceiling? the square one. It is spoilt. I thought I can get my first experience on ceiliing shower. But, disappointed. I wonder what's the point of fixing a ceiling shower that doesnt function? Mind you, this hotel is less than a year old only.

Now, the bed was huge as well, King size! with four super big pillows. The pillows were so big until it can act as a bolster. I didnt quite sleep well. This is normal for me as I am sleeping on a foreign bed. But both my colleagues (Farid and Zamri) also complained that they woke up a few times throughout the night, and it is ABNORMAL for them, they usually sleep very well in hotels. Aura not good.

Notice the wooden floor? and I almost slip few times because of the slippery-ness. I just hope that they carpeted the whole floor.

And the food at the hotel was really bad. I took one round of food, then I dont bother going second round. Coz nothing nice to eat ma.

This is not the end of my story. Actually I should name my post as one of the Tiny Pisses.

Farid requested for late check out at 4pm (my company already arranged our check out time to be 2pm), coz our flight is 5.35pm and the hotel is like 5 minutes drive from the airport. The front desk kept on saying CANNOT, latest is 2pm. Farid, was half pissing off, gone into the lift, and suddenly, KONG KONG! The lift was stucked between 1st and 2nd floor. [he was alone in the lift ya]. He pressed the emergency bell and waited for the help.

"Sir, we know you are inside, not to worry! we will fix this lift"

"Sir, we are going to move the lift down mannually, so we have to off the lights! Not to worry, we can see you through our CCTV"

So, Farid was in the dark and no air-con condition for 40 minutes. When he came out, the hotel Assistant Manager was there, in an apologetic manner, "We are so sorry sir, anything we can do for you? anything!".

"I want to check out at 4pm!"

"Ok, no problem!"

"All my other colleagues as well!"

"Ok, no problem! We will arrange transport for you to the airport as well"

And there we got our late check out at 4pm. Must thanks to Farid. Hehe. Poor him la. Trapped in the dark for 40 minutes. In a confined compartment somemore. If I kena this hor, sure the hotel will kena teruk from me and my post wont be this short already. Farid has such a good nature. I 'interviewed' him on what is it feel like during that time. He said, "luckily it was 1st and 2nd floor, if the lift drop also just a show distance, I wont be injured. If I am trapped on the 6th floor, I definately will panic!".

I heard that the lifts just started operation in June 2009. So fast got problem??? I wonder how the contractors do their work. Another thing is that, there is this lift always open on the 6th floor (I am staying at 6th floor). Once I step inside, I couldnt press anything, and the lift door wont close. I stepped back out and dont dare to go into the lift anymore. Weird right? If the lift is spoilt, just put a sign there la, but why leave that lift open like that?? Yer....creepy.

When we checked out and we were sent to the car, the Assistant Manager told Farid, "Hope to see you again sir!". Farid just smiled. You think after all the things happened to him, he will come back???? In your dreams la! I also wont go back.

Genji Japanese Restaurant, PJ Hilton Hotel

Nicole ajak me to go for a food tasting in Genji. At first I said I dont want, then she said why I am so anti-social (actually I am lor). In the end, I tagged along her. Joe reached there quite early and waited for us for at least 30 minutes (I think). Coz when we reached there, Nicole asked for Joe's name, but the waiter couldnt find his name. Then another waitress came and said, "must be that guy who waited quite long already". Then she lead us there, in fact, she got it correct. It was Joe, sitting all by himself.

We let Joe do the ordering. So, dont ask me what is the food as I have no idea. You can refer to his blog for more description. I just eat only. Hehe.
Salmon sushi.

Followed by a 9-course meal (for one pax). I think it was around RM200+.

Some sort like miso soup served in a teapot. Squeeze some lime in it.

Cod Fish.

Assorted Sashimi.

Now, this is the one thing that I do not know what is it. Is like fermented rice. Sour sour one.

Grill prawns. Super delicious!

Mushroom with minced meat fried in tempura style. Not bad.

The ice cream was smooth and creamy.

Thanks Nicole and Joe for letting me to tag along.

Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong

I didnt plan to go to the cultural village actually. I was more interested in the Orang Utans and Crocodile. But my colleague who is from Kuching said that it is worth while to go to the village rather than the orang utans (as the orang utans are from the wild, you might or might not see them). So, we decided to learn some cultural things on Sunday morning.

We reached there at 9.30am and the place was quite empty. Entrance fee was RM60 per person. If you are from Sarawak, it would be cheaper. But then, I was wondering why dont they offer the special price to us, Malaysians? Sarawak is part of Malaysia ma and I am here to learn Sarawak culture, why are we (the west Malaysians) have to pay the same amount as foreign tourists? I just dont understand.

We were given a passport-like book. The book describes all the different tribes in Sarawak, and there is a space for 'chop' when you enter each village. So, you can keep it as souvenir.

There are a lot of rocks in the village.

Once we entered, there were these scuptures in front. And I have no idea what it is, too lazy to squat down and read the descriptions.

The area was not big, smaller than what I imagined originally. I though the area would be as big as our Zoo Negara. Haha. The area was back by Santubong mountain and lots of greens. I, being a city girl, super love green green stuffs and I super love forest.

Thinking of which way to go first.

Bamboo bridge leading to Rumah Bidayuh.

This Rumah Orang-Ulu was built high up from the ground. So scary le when I climbed inside there.

Spot the tiny creature.

Rumah Melanau also being built quite high but not as high as orang ulu. The melanau processes sago.

I took a lot of photos actually, but it would be unfair to post everything up. You have to go and see it for yourselves. We finished walking the area after one hour and we were very much tired and bored. Nothing to play. Nothing to see already. So we waited for this Culture Dance Show.

After the whole journey, both of us were really disappointed in this Cultural Village. RM60 is totally not worth the visit lor. I do not know why they said super worth it. I have no idea. If it was priced at RM40, still consider ok la. I would not wanna go visit this super-priced place again. Plus our taxi cost, to and fro, plus the driver waited for us for 3 hours, total cost was RM150 just for taxi. Sigh. I rather go see Orang Utan and crocodile where by the ticket is only a few ringgit.

Post-visit discussion

When I went back to office on Monday, my colleague from Kuching asked me where I went. I explained the whole story to him, venting out all my disappointments to him. Then he asked me:

"Did they dance for you when you enter the house? the welcoming dance?"


"Did you play the gasing?"

"I saw the gasing ground but no one was there"

"Did you play the rope hanging on top the tall houses?"

"No, didnt see it"

"Did they teach you to tenun kain?"


"Did you play the shooting thingy?"

"I saw, but didnt play"

"Did you play the bamboo stick dance?"

"I saw, but no one was there"

"Aiyo, sayangnya!" ('what a pity')

Ok, now I feel like shooting myself.

The lesson is, do not go there so early as these people are not ready for early guests. Go there around 10 something that would be just nice. And make sure you find all those things mentioned above and play!