Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a long holiday!

That's the beauty of being a Malaysian, living in Malaysia and working in Malaysia. We have multiple races and multiple holidays too! Our Muslim friends are celebrating their Hari Raya and we are getting holidays until Tuesday. Woohoo~!!! But....what am I going to do lei? I have no idea and today is already Tuesday and I have done nothing for the past 3 days.

Let's gather my few pieces of thoughts over these few days and put it in some tiny posts.

McD Sundae

We took away McD as lunch on Sunday. The Sundae turn out like this:

It was so dem little ok! Half of the cup only! You think I am eating McD sundae for the first time and you can fool me is it? I noticed it when the guy gave it to me, but I saw him as trainee so I didnt say anything. But as I got back the car, the more I think about how little it is, the more piss I feel. Boy boy felt pissed too! Trainee then so what? Aren't McD suppose to train their staffs properly???

It is priced at RM3 and what I got is RM1 worth of ice cream. WTH! Totally out of standard. Then my bro sent me this picture of McD delivery of Sundae to his office:

Now, you must be thinking "it is a delivery ma, so it will melt during the journey, is normal". Uh huh, you are wrong. My bro ordered numerous time of McD delivery of sundae and all turned out to be normal, except this particular time. If McD priced its ice cream at RM1, I wouldnt be angry at them. But it is freaking RM3 ok! and I can eat curry mee already with RM3.

Disappointed with McD. But I am not boycotting them as I like to eat McD. Hahaha. However, I will voice out if they give me half of the sundae again. I cannot accept myself to be cheated twice.

New addition to the family

Boy boy's cat gave birth to 4 tiny kittens a week ago. So cute. His cat gave birth to numerous times over the stay in his house years ago.

The top black cat is from her previous batch. This big brother kept on taking out one grey kitten and attempt to play with it. Doesnt he knows that the kitten is only one week old and it can barely have strength to crawl? Stupid brother cat.

I havent reach 30 ok

There was this conversation where we were talking about overnight at boy boy house. Then, I said, "if I overnight at your house hor, my mum will ground me for one month!". Then boy boy bursted out, "Aiyo, how old are you already? 30 years old still wanna ground you ar? Where got parents ground a 30 years old women one?"

Once I heard the sentence, I was like WTH! Since when I am 30 years old???!!!! Suyin and Nikky kept on laughing. By 30 years old I am a mother already ok, and I will not be grounded by my parents. But the point is, you cannot say your girlfriend 30 years old when she is not (Obviously!)! very pantang one you know. If I am 30 years, you are also 30 years old wei. When you reach 30 years old, I am only 29+. Blek!

Bumblebee Baby JL

Baby JL in bee suit! Preparing to go back to Mah Mah (Grandma) house for his long holiday.

Boy boy said he likes this pillow. Look at his "wing".


Boy boy playing SWING with JL.

Sushi Tomo for dinner

Parents went out for wedding dinner, so I brought along my sis and my bro to Sushi Tomo for dinner.

Mission half accomplished

Boy boy have been giving me this answer of February 30th whenever I asked him when he wanna marry me.

So a month ago, he started saying December 31st 2010.

Then 2 weeks ago, he started saying October 10th 2010, which is quite a good number. Once he said this, I probed him further and asked, "10/10/10 u wanna propose to me or is our ROM date? If it is a ROM date then u have to propose to me earlier lor, when will it be?"

He gave me this expression =.="

But, never mind, at least I have a 'proper' date, and not Feb 30th. So guys, dont ask me anymore when I wanna get married, boy boy has answered your question. It is 2010. World Cup year! Yippee!


Renji said...

Wah lao~ Talk about the Mc D i really dulan lor. Luckily i din see that when i was at the counter there. other wise i will ask his manager come. WTF is this man. Mc D SUX~!

Beehoon said...

hey support McD a bit.. hahahahahaha claim back claim back..!

Renji said...

Wah lao... U also can see the Mc D quality lor. No need talk much, just 1 word is enough, "sux" If they appologize maybe I will consider la. Else I will ban Mc D forever

siewmun said...

u ban mcD then u support wendy's? or kfc? but mcD burger is nice wo..n cheap.