Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking care of baby is no easy task!

I just love to take baby photos. Thousands of expressions. During the Merdeka weekend, Annie brought Ning Ning to boy boy's house. Once she spotted my camera, she was so hyper!

And there is another baby looking at her screaming.

I took care of baby JL for 1 hour and the next hour took care of Ning Ning. The next day both of my hands were so 'sour'. Gosh, is too tiring taking care of baby. I dont think I wanna give birth to one soon, I must be crazy enough to do that. Phobia phobia.

Now my mission is to get boy boy to propose to me. Wakakaka..... so, wanna go bridal fair together or not, Scott Lim Tze Benn?

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