Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taiwan Street - Tropicana Mall

If you go Tropicana Mall once a week for a meal, I think you will be running out of choice really fast! We decided to try the Taiwanese food, Taiwan street which is located near the cinema. The restaurant was quite packed and as such, I have high expectation on it.

Special Red Plum Juice (RM5.90), Honey Milk Tea with Pearl (RM5.80). I think their drinks are really expensive.

Dumpling Noodle (RM8.80). The dumplings were not bad, with minced meat and ginger in it. The noodle portion was too little for that pricing.
Chicken Chop Rice (RM11.90) which is their signature dish. The chicken was really big marinated with some spice and bread crumbs and fried to crispiness. A few bites of the chicken chop, it was really tasty, but after that, I felt a bit geli because the chicken fats in it and the oil. The minced meat on the top of the rice was really out of standard, it doesnt taste like Taiwanese style at all. The mixed vegetables at the side was really lousy, it was really crappy.

The food was really out of standard and I wonder why so many people visited this place. I dont think I wanna go back there to try other stuffs, it was over-priced for this type of quality. I think for Taiwanese food, I better go back to Mid Valley The Gardens and Penang. Other Taiwanese restaurants that I have tried before was really genuine one.


Karlota said...

chicken is similar to filipinos dish called breaded pork chop...

Calvin said...

I think i told ka weng before. expensive + big sux. those ppl go there donno for what. drinks no taste, food no taste, i ordered the chicken chop rice also, same like ur pic, the vege so few and sux