Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michelle's Farewell Party

I always love parties, I mean I love parties by not the clubbing type. Not that I love to party, but I just love to attend party. Our department organized a farewell party to MG, my manager. Not all party are good huh? Somehow, people come people go, yesterday gone today comes .... what am I talking??? nonsense!

Pizzas hut and KFCssss.

Our department's farewell gift to MG.

Spot PY.

AL, why are you promoting Bonuslink?

When the feast began, everyone was avoiding AL. The reason: she has 'direct contact' (sounded like Transformer 1: "direct contact with NBE1!") with a client who was confirmed H1N1. And she purposely went and sticked near to everyone. Cunning her.

Carrot cake from Secret Recipe, sponsored by my VP.

Now, you must be wondering where is the main character (Michelle) of this farewell party. I have some pretty good photos of her but she dont allow me to post it up. Will snap some photos of her during our 'farewell dinner' scheduled next Friday. And where am I? I was the photographer that day, and when everyone started eating, no one was free to snap a photo of me!
MG, wish you all the best in your career!

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