Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mei Chi Xuan - Damansara Perdana

Calvin treat all of us for dinner on Friday night at Mei Chin Xuan, Damansara Perdana. According to him, this HQ is better than the branch in Kota Damansara. Finding a place to park here was really difficult than KD. The restaurant was full house at that time, luckily he reserved a table.
Calvin ordered all the food so I just name the dish according to their physical appearance ya. Didnt really heard what Calvin ordered. Hehe.

Spinach with soup ('Siong Tong Yin Choy'). The soup was nice but the spinach tasted a bit weird, I dont know what taste is it.

Steam 'Flying' Fish (look at the fins!). Kinyu took the picture by the way.

Salt and pepper squid.

Claypot crab with wine. I just took a sip of the soup. Not quite like wine dish, so I couldnt comment much.

Ginger Venison. At first, the meat was not cook, so Annie asked them to cook again. The reason being the meat was cut too big a piece. So, after that it was ok.


Coconut curry prawn. This dish save the night! The moment I took a taste on the curry, it hit me instantly! Fantastic combination. The prawns were fresh and the shell came off with a tiny flip with spoon. So, after this dish, all my other tasted like curry become I poured the curry over the otehr dishes. Must order next time.

Thanks Calvin for the dinner.

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