Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laughing Gor: Turning Point

My dad was so hyper to watch this movie because the whole casts (of the movie) went to film a Beautiful Cooking ('Mei Lui Chu Fong') TV show and he thought this character must be something! At that time, we didnt even watch TVB EU (Laughing Gor character was originated from EU) ok. He and mum went and watched it first and said it was really good.

So again, on Wednesday me and boy boy went to Tropicana Mall to watch. I guess that every Wednesday is our movie day. Hehe. At first I do not want to watch, not not to watch the movie, but not to watch on yesterday was 14 of July (Chinese calendar) whereby the 'Kueis' (Ghosts) are very 'Mang'. Then this PY went and scared me saying that there will be a lot of 'them' sitting beside you. This AL said when I eat popcorn, there will be a third hand taking my popcorn. =.="

Anyhow, I still went ahead with the movie coz boy boy has confidence. Hahaha. The movie was about Laughing (Michael Tse) who was assigned by his gangster boss, No. 1 (Anthony Wong) to enter the police force as undercover and later, he was assigned by his superintendent (Yuen Biao) to enter No. 1 as undercover. So, he is a real double agent who got stucked in between the good and the bad.

Francis Ng as the rival siblings with Anthony Wong acted really well, I did not question about his acting skills but his character really shine throughout the whole movie. The glorious side of him, the sentimental side of him (the way he loves his sister, Fala Chen) and the evil side of him was really convincing.

This Anthony Wong was really disgustiing with his makeup. His makeup is getting heavier and heavier as the movie proceeds. Yucks, especially his lips with dark red lipstick! I can tolerate him putting heavy eyeshadow but not the lips wei! How old are you already! Somemore always seen together with the 'chun' (hot) chicks. Geli! If Adam (of American Idol fame) putting these heavy makeup, I would be fine, but not Anthony Wong! Anthony's capability is totally wasted in this movie.

The movie was narrated through some flash backs and the way the movie was directed was really good, except the ending. I hate the ending part (the shooting scenes in the building). I felt that it was like simply shoot shoot shoot and end it. Lousy ending. Nevertheless, it was good to watch and one of the best Hong Kong film this year.

Until the end only I know that this movie is a prequel to TVB series, E.U. Now I have to go back and watch the series.

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