Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final Destination 4

This time, I bought the tickets online. Cant risk sitting too near to the screen anymore. Since I have watched the 3 series on Final Destination, so how can I miss this one right? After the movie, I definately think that this will be my last watch on FD, and I hope it would be the producer's last too!

It was really boring! You know the drill right? A guy have a premonition of his friends dying one by one, these guys fought over the premonition then all left the scene and the scene exploded, all these kind of stuffs. Nothing new. But if you like all the gory gory things like smashing up a human being into flesh and left nothing but organs, this would be your movie.

To me, the whole dying scenes were just too lame lor. I think the producer has ran out of ideas on how people should die horribly. The guy seated beside me (not boy boy ya) hor kept on saying, "wah! so exaggerating!" "Wah, so coincidence meh?". Yala, this movie was about exaggerating it and make it looks like coincidence ma, you dont know meh.

Luckily the movie was RM6 only and dont bother wasting the money to watch it. Really is a waste of time. The first 2 films were much better than this, at least they dont make it soooooo coincidence.

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