Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant - Kg. Tunku

Dad has been wanting to try this restaurant ages ago. Finally, we got the chance. Actually he was waiting for me whenever I am at home during the weekends (I have been spending my weekends with boy boy so my dad complained). Then this particular Sunday, boy boy went to Johor for a wedding dinner. So, my whole family decided to try out this restaurant.

We reached there at 6.30pm. Surprisingly, 100% of the tables are reserved on the ground floor. We were urshered to the second floor and 90% of tables were reserved as well. Luckily there were few empty tables ample for family of 5 - 8 people. They do not have menu for you to order, so you have to very much depends on the Captain's recommendation.

Asam steam fish (RM41). This fish was a bit expensive, it was just 'Fei Chao Yue' only what. The asam sauce was ok but I felt it was a bit diluted. The fish has strong smell le, maybe it was not fresh.

Stir fried Dragon Vege (RM12).

Yam Pot with Kung Po chicken (RM18). There were 2 options for the Yam Pot fillings, we opted for the Kung Po style instead of the original stri fried. Luckily we opted for that as the chicken was really tasty! Not too spicy but very strong flavour. The yam was not bad either. Pretty delicious I can say.

Signature Ribs (RM15). This ribs were like 'Wu Xi Pai Kuat' (People who been to China will know what am I referring to). It was soft and marinated with in-house special sauce. Quite good as well.

As a whole, the bill came up to RM100. My family would like to return again to try their other dishes, but just dont order the fish, it was over-priced I think. Be there early coz parking is very difficult. And if you come in big group, remember to reserve a table first.

Dragron Star Seafood Restaurant
54A & 54B, Jln SS1/22,
Kg. Tunku, 47300 PJ.
Tel: 78776673
(The shop houses opposite Kg Tunku primary school).

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