Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A crazy makan trip

Nikky came to find boy boy and I for lunch after his gym session in The Curve. Out of nowhere, this place popped into my head.

Restoran Tua Huat (SS2)

I have dine here once I was working with my previous company and I have forgotten what it taste like. This restaurant chinese name is Ulu Yam Loh Mee. So, obviously, we must try their signature Loh Mee.

We ordered Medium Loh Mee (RM10). This might be the best Loh Mee I have ever tasted (exclude the Loh Pan Mee in Taman Paramount). Most other Tai Chao (chinese cook) serve Loh Mee in light yellowish color but this restaurant serve dark brown soup base Loh Mee. The soup was really thick (at least I dont feel like I am drinking watery soup) and it has its own flavour in it.

Fish cake (RM4). The fish cake was really smooth and it doesnt have fishy taste. I am not a fan of fish balls but this one certainly is added to my liking list.

Hokkien Mee (RM10 for medium). This doesnt taste oily, and it tasted ok. I have tasted much better Hokkien mee else where.

No need to go Ulu Yam to eat loh mee already since there is one decent loh mee here. I will come back here if I am cravings for hot soup.

They are situated on the same row as Nanking Court SS2.

Restoran Leong Ya (Seri Kembangan)

Nikky has been mentioning going to Seri Kembangan for Ho chiak trip: Loh Shue Fun (Rat's tail) or Pan Mee which he thinks is nice. Action is better than a thousand words, so there we went last night. When we reached there, the Loh Shue Fun restaurant is close. Disappointed. Then we went to nearby place to search for the Pan Mee and it was closed too.

So, I suggested that we go to Leong Ya for their famous Paper Wrap Chicken near Mines Shopping Complex (I was being introduced to this restaurant by a UPM lecturer during my working days as sales and since then I missed this Leong Ya). It was 9pm by the time we reached there, since it was off peak hours, so the food was served after 5 minutes.

Signature Paper Wrap Chicken (RM2.40 per piece). This chicken always do not disappoints me. It came with its thick sauce, and the chicken was really marinated to the max, with its 'feel-good' aroma. Very nice indeed. Nikky said the chicken was a little small. Hehe. Suyin take-away 2 pieces (at first she ordered for 4 pieces, but only 2 pieces left).

Ying Yong Pork Ribs (RM20). These pork ribs were cook in 2 different style: salad sauce and the normal sauce. All of us like the salad sauce pork ribs. Boy boy said it tasted like pizza hut island supreme sauce. It was sweet and nice. The other flavour was just so-so only. If next time I come, I will just order salad sauce pork ribs.


Kung Po Mantis Prawn (RM12). For so long I have been eating Mantis Prawn in Nai Yao style, so when the boss suggested Kung Po style, I was a bit skeptical but I am willing to try though. After eating the first piece, I was like, "Lucky that I listened to the boss!". This dish was really superb! Together with the onions and dried chillis, this is the best Mantis prawn dish that I ever tasted. The prawns were cripsy too! Boy boy agreed with me. Argh! I am so tempted to eat is again when I am writing now.

As far as I know, there are two restaurant called Leong Ya in that area that offer the same Paper wrap chicken and Yong Tau Fo (we didnt try YTF that day). I went to the one facing the main road.

During the whole dining session, Nikky kept on mentioning that he wants to go to eat Kajang satay since we were half way there. Boy boy agreed with him. Suyin and I think that both of them are joking only. After we left the restaurant, Nikky said he is serious about Kajang Satay. Swt. He is really enthusiastic.

Erm.... ok...since I am not the one driving, so I just follow lor. Luckily Nikky remembered the restaurant name, so boy boy activated his GPS and found the location. So, there we went.

Restoran Malaysia Kajang Satay (Kajang)

15 minutes later, we reached the destination. The restaurant was full house! It was 10pm and I assumed people go there for supper. Or maybe Haji Samuri Kajang Satay nearby was closed yesterday, so all the people craving for satay go to this restaurant.

We waited for 10 minutes to find a table and proceeded with the ordering. They served the kuah first.

20 minutes later only the satays arrived. 10 sticks mutton satays (RM0.90 each) and 5 sticks of chicken satay (RM0.60 each). The mutton satay was really good with some mutton taste and the portion was really big too. The chicken was normal.

Then our 5 sticks of duck satay (RM0.90 each) arrived 15 minutes later, after several reminders given to the young chap and the lady boss. We were quite pissed but we really wanna try the duck satay (how often you come across DUCK satay?). Luckily we were seated near the charcoal place and the old lady said, "ya, burning your duck satay already" in a nice tone, so we waited.

After eating the duck satay, I was like, "Hmmm...no comment". I still prefer the conventional satay. Nikky wanted to order Fish Satay too but it was not available that day. Talk about the Kuah, I still prefer Haji Samuri version as their version is more spicier and more peanut-y.

Erm, dont ask me how to go to this place as I dont know how to describe. I can only guide you when I am there. Please on your GPS when you search for this place. When I reached home at 12am, I was exhausted.

Our next Ho Chiak trip is to IPOH! Let me plan plan first.


Raikage said...

So bila Ipoh trip. Cepat plan eh. Then Penang, then.. ... ... ..

Calvin said...

Leong ya puchong also have lor. sai ng sai go until seri kembangan

Raikage said...

Want eat must eat at the origin place. Like Kajang satay must go Kajang eat only nice one. SO next trip Ipoh.. gogogo

Renji said...

okok. Heard from my frens said ipoh also got many things to eat. We eat all the way til Thailand~! Support original~!! Say no to pirated~!

siewmun said...

U all are really enthusiastic wei!