Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buka Puasa at Pelita

Our VPs treated us a nice buka puasa dinner at Nasi Kandar Pelita which is 3 blocks away from our office. We reserved a room with air-con. Once we were seated, the food were served right away.

Curry Fish Head.
Fried Chicken and mutton.

The rojak was quite nice.

Wanted to take my neighbour, Azad's photo but another person (Asri, on the right) stole the limelight instead, take a close look at his expression.

I love to take a photo of a photographer taking photos - Azie.

Amy, Nik and Farah.

Left Pelita with a bloated stomach.


Beehoon said...

Pelita mamak.. 3 times dine there and 2 times kena food poisoning wtf.. I anti-pelita hahahaha.. and Final Destination IV for me, is truly disappointed.

Beehoon said...

the Pelita I mentioned, is bangsar jalan telawi geh..

Renji said...

Hm..... Pelita food can eat wan meh? I rather pay more go eat Jogoya lo. Wah food poisoning ah. So geng meh. 2 times also kena. U memang sangat ONG la bro.

Beehoon said...

walao jogoya price can eat N roti canai wei ! 2 times also kena, that time i working for night shift, also pengsan in office..

Renji said...

=.=" Dun eat roti canai la. Eat mutabak or something nicer ma. I think the roti canai got sh!t wan la. They damn dirty wan. See how they make u sure no appetite to eat

siewmun said...

renji u are really geli wei...