Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buka Puasa at KLCC

Colleagues busy pumping up balloons for the orphans.

The food was not as good as last year. The roast lamb doesnt have lamb 'taste' at all and they only offer curry sauce and not mint sauce. Lousy. And this AL kept on arguing with us, saying that lamb is called 'biri-biri' and not 'kambing'. She said 'kambing' is mutton, lamb is 'biri biri'. Me and PY's reaction =.="

I ate quite a lot of their cucur udang and cucur bawang. Small small piece and it was really crispy. Their Ayam Percik was also really good! Ate some satay too. That was all I ate as my stomach was a bit bloated that day, cant take in much.

According to AL, these 2 person (the guy and the lady) are artists. The lady is called Fauziah Gaus. But she was a bit 'acsi' lor, when one of my colleague wanna take photo with her, she was on the phone and ignore my colleague for 5 minutes. My colleague waited for her to finish her conversation but she seems to talk and talk and talk. The colleague stood there quite embarassingly. This lady doesnt even bother to smile. At least smile for 1 second to take picture la. I think my colleague didnt manage to take photo with her.

I heard AL saying that our 'astronaut' was here too. But I didnt spot him. Anyway, he is nothing special to me also. Just follow other researchers to travel up as a 'visitor' only ma. Nothing to shout about also.

I was really exhausted that night, it has been a really busy day. I left early coz my eyes were closing and I have no strength to talk anymore.

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