Monday, September 28, 2009

Bridal Fair @ Mid Valley

Went to Mid Valley at 11am with PY. Ate breakfast at Kim Gary.

It was stated that there are 2500 goodie bags to be given out. PY and I was so kiasu until we reached the information counter at 11.15am. Surprisingly there were no crowd at all. Once we signed up, we got a goodie bag. I was hoping to get a free copy of bridal magazine but none (Last time AL went to a bridal fair, she got a free magazine le). Disappointed.

We first stepped into the exhibition hall, I was like, "Har! so small only ar?". Once glance, I saw like 5 booths at a row, and there were only 5 rows. Erm, a bit not so happy liao coz I was expecting the fair to be really big.

Since we are here, we walk la. As that time was early, we sat down at each booth to look at their portfolios. Most of the exhibitors asked the same questions: "Who is the bride?" or "When is your wedding date?". Immediately PY pointed at me. So, I answered, "next year, but havent fix date yet".

Then, when we almost finish walking, we stopped at Picaso. A guy came and served us, showing us the portfolios. Again, he asked the same questions, and we answered the same thing. Then he looked at us and said, "both of u not getting married one is it? just come here to 'patt' (kepoh) (busybody) is it?". He said it in a very LCLY tone. I was like WTH! I raised my voice a bit and said, "I am getting married next year but it just that I havent fix a date". I looked at PY, she quietly flipping the album. I think she didnt hear this fella talking. I hinted her a bit, telling that we are done with this shop.

How could this fella be so rude???? 2 girls came for wedding fair for fun one ar? you think we are so free is it? If we didnt come with our boyfriends, that's mean we are not getting married??? How about we, girls are the one who can make decision without the presence of boyfriend? You, as a customer service company gave such immature and insulting and humiliating comments?? We are the potential customers ok??? You think your bridal house is so great?? My arse la.

The wedding package suppose to last for 3 years. Why do you care when I am getting married??? You just serve me as a customer who has enquiries la. Why do you insult me like that. Really really low class homo sapiens la him. PUKE!

A mission to look for wedding package supposingly is a happy process. With this kind of attitude, it really spoilt my day. Stupid fella. Rude fella. Ego fella. "Dog eyes look down at people". And read my lips: I curse PICASO is going to close shop soon! And I warn my readers out there, please do not buy wedding package from this PICASO and do not even step into their bridal house.

After we left the fair, then only I told PY what happened just now. Then, her reaction was bigger than me tiem. Hahaha. [btw, AL told me that Picaso's people are really LCLY one]. She said why I didnt tell her just now, so that she can smack the guy on the spot.

Sigh, over is over la. Never mind. What comes around goes around. I will curse this bridal house. Anyway, look at cute kittens much more relaxing than stressing over that stupid doink fella.

Actually I have one bridal house in my mind already, plus I already asked the package price. I love their photography, love their gowns, love the honest services and love their makeup. Hahaha. But I didnt sign it. Let me survey more first.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant - Kg. Tunku

Dad has been wanting to try this restaurant ages ago. Finally, we got the chance. Actually he was waiting for me whenever I am at home during the weekends (I have been spending my weekends with boy boy so my dad complained). Then this particular Sunday, boy boy went to Johor for a wedding dinner. So, my whole family decided to try out this restaurant.

We reached there at 6.30pm. Surprisingly, 100% of the tables are reserved on the ground floor. We were urshered to the second floor and 90% of tables were reserved as well. Luckily there were few empty tables ample for family of 5 - 8 people. They do not have menu for you to order, so you have to very much depends on the Captain's recommendation.

Asam steam fish (RM41). This fish was a bit expensive, it was just 'Fei Chao Yue' only what. The asam sauce was ok but I felt it was a bit diluted. The fish has strong smell le, maybe it was not fresh.

Stir fried Dragon Vege (RM12).

Yam Pot with Kung Po chicken (RM18). There were 2 options for the Yam Pot fillings, we opted for the Kung Po style instead of the original stri fried. Luckily we opted for that as the chicken was really tasty! Not too spicy but very strong flavour. The yam was not bad either. Pretty delicious I can say.

Signature Ribs (RM15). This ribs were like 'Wu Xi Pai Kuat' (People who been to China will know what am I referring to). It was soft and marinated with in-house special sauce. Quite good as well.

As a whole, the bill came up to RM100. My family would like to return again to try their other dishes, but just dont order the fish, it was over-priced I think. Be there early coz parking is very difficult. And if you come in big group, remember to reserve a table first.

Dragron Star Seafood Restaurant
54A & 54B, Jln SS1/22,
Kg. Tunku, 47300 PJ.
Tel: 78776673
(The shop houses opposite Kg Tunku primary school).

Mama kitchen - TTDI

A hot day with cool shaved ice -- from 100 Yen shop.

I look terrible without makeup and my BB cream and 2 days after facial.

I have been craving for this restaurant since I went there 3 months ago (forgotten to blog about it). So, it was 8.45pm when we reached there and surprisingly there were lots of empty table. The first time I went, the restaurant was packed at 9.15pm and we had to move up to the second floor.

This restaurant is famoust for its Claypot Lou Shue Fun and Siu Yuk Mee (we tried this that time and it was nothing special). Besides, they also serve Dai Chao dishes, quite a big variety though. But, Lou Shue Fun is a must order.

I almost ordered 2 person amount of Claypot LSF and 1 person amount of mee since I was really hungry but boy boy stopped me. He said in a very strict tone, "can you eat so much or not?". Oppsie, I think I cant. Hehe.

The food was served after 5 min of ordering. The LSF was served hot in claypot and massive amount of minced pork. The first time I tried this dish, it was the best claypot LSF ever. But that night, it was really disappointing. It tasted quite bland actually and it was a bit oily. Now, I am thinking was that really bland or my taste bud got problem? I have no idea.

On the other hand, the Kong Lam Mee was not bad either.

Restaurant Mama Kitchen
48, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
TTDI 60000 Kuala Lumpur
(Behind Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen)

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant - Jaya One

didBoy boy felt like eating Japanese food that night, so we went to try out this Hanazen in Jaya One. At first we wanna go and eat Sushi Zanmai in One Utama, but it was like 9.15pm. When we reach there, we scare that Zanmai wanna close already.

Once we step into this Hanazen, straight away I felt that it was the same class of Japanese restaurant as Rakuzen and higher class than Sushi Tomo.

Tempura Ramen (RM22). Once my ramen was served, I look at it and smell it, my appetite was turned down straight away. I am a fan of udon / ramen but I have no idea why this bowl of ramen smell so funny wei. I tasted the soup and it was slightly on the bland side. Then I asked boy boy what is the round round biji biji thingy in the soup. Then he said most probably they are olives. Then I was like, " wonder it smell weird". I tried my best to finish the ramen but I couldnt, it was just the worst ramen I have ever tasted, due to the olives (super dislike olives).

The ramen was served with 2 prawn, lady finger, brinjal, and carrot tempuras. The prawn tempura was really huge! That was the first time I had such a huge tempura. However, once I bite the first bite, it has some weird smell (again!). Then I passed it to boy boy, and he said this is the smell of 'air tawar' (what you call this in English?). I think that that night I really was having sensitive nose le.

Chicken Teppanyaki and Sashimi Set (RM42). This set came with massive amount of food lei. The chicken teppanyaki was really crispy, you have the choice of mixing the garlic or dipping it with their special sauce. I did both! It was really really good! After taking the first piece, I kept on taking the chicken and abandoned my ramen. Hehe. The miso soup was not my cup of tea.

7 pieces of sashimi. It was really thick and fresh.

43-G, Block C, Jaya One,

72A, Jalan Universiti,

46200 Petaling Jaya.

A Little Dim Sum Place - SS2

I has been to this place once and that was like 1 - 2 years ago and I think the food was ok but boy boy thought that it was nothing special. Struggling for what to have lunch again, I just wanna visit this place again to see whether this is any improvement or any new addition to their menu.

As the restaurant name indicates, it serves dim sum and their prices are like the air-con restaurant prices ie. more expensive than the key way (the one that my family always have dim sum) and cheaper than the high class chinese restaurant (not the hotel type). The added advantages of this place is that they will only steam the dim sum upon ordering, which means fresh.

They added on a few extra items on their menu ie. a few more variety of dim sums and some rice or noodles meals. Plus, they have some promotions on a few dim sums with slightly cheaper price, RM1 or RM1.50 cheaper than normal.

Sunshine Bun (RM3.50). This is called 'Lau Sa Pao'. I was never a fan of this, instead, I have never try this before until PY introduced it when we had lunch at Shanghai 10. I so wanna try this again. The bun was not too soft and not too hard, just nice. The egg yolk melted in it was a bit coarse in texture (I assume it suppose to be like that because of egg yolk right?). I dont eat egg yolk often but I find this rather good.

Prawn dumplings (RM3.80). One of the promotion items. With that price, I got a whole lot of prawns in the dumplings. The cheaper version of dim sum has 80% of pork and 20% of prawns only. But this has 80% of prawns and 20% of pork. That's why it is called PRAWN dumpling right.

Sharkfin dumplings (RM2.80), another promotion item. It has huge prawns in it too. Not bad not bad.

Deep fried yam puff (RM3.80). Started cravings for yum puff, that was why I ordered this. Erm, it was not nice actually. The skin was not up to standard. I still very much prefer Key Way version. Struggling to finish this plate as they served 3 pieces per plate. I dont like it, but I have to finish it.

Porridge with century egg (RM2.70). Normal.

Vietnamese crispy fried rice (RM6.50). I scare that boy boy might not be full by just eating dim sum for lunch, so he ordered a rice dish. To me, this dish was not bad and they have some crispy things with it (I have no idea what they were).

After the lunch, boy boy still gave the same comments as 1 - 2 years ago. Nothing special. BUT, he said he will come back and try the durian pancake. Durian pancake is served after 3pm on weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.

A Little Dim Sum Place
12, Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(same row as KTZ)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 13

Read this article from The Sun today:

… Hamilton no longer finds Nicole hot

Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton has dumped his Pussycat Doll lover – telling her he is not ready for marriage and children. The shock break-up ends months of speculation that the pair were about to get engaged. Lewis told Nicole Scherzinger that their relationship of two years was over and the chance of reconciliation was not even open for discussion. A source close to the couple, who met at an MTV awards bash in November 2007, told the Sunday Mirror:” Lewis was adamant the relationship had come to an end. He was feeling under pressure to take their union to the next level and he wasn’t wanting to become engaged, get married or think about having children. Nicole’s mortified – she imagined being with Lewis for a long time and she’s shocked that things have ended so suddenly.

After reading this article, I consider myself a lucky person. My current situation is almost similar to Nicole S’s position = wanting to get married, but the guy is not ready. Nicole S ended up mortified while I am still attaching with my boy boy after pestering him to marry me. Phew!

Now, I think I shouldn’t force him anymore since he doest not want to become engaged, get married or think about having children. If not, boy boy will ‘feel under pressure to take their union to next level’. But hor, I think I didn’t really force him also ma, I was just asking politely when he will marry me only, like that is call force meh?

Nevertheless, I will still continue to live in my fantasy of wedding, looking at other people’s wedding photos and continue to envy them, and imagining myself is the bride, until one day it really come true.

P/S: I am going to Mid Valley Bridal Fair this weekend together with …….. PY. Anyone wanna join?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A crazy makan trip

Nikky came to find boy boy and I for lunch after his gym session in The Curve. Out of nowhere, this place popped into my head.

Restoran Tua Huat (SS2)

I have dine here once I was working with my previous company and I have forgotten what it taste like. This restaurant chinese name is Ulu Yam Loh Mee. So, obviously, we must try their signature Loh Mee.

We ordered Medium Loh Mee (RM10). This might be the best Loh Mee I have ever tasted (exclude the Loh Pan Mee in Taman Paramount). Most other Tai Chao (chinese cook) serve Loh Mee in light yellowish color but this restaurant serve dark brown soup base Loh Mee. The soup was really thick (at least I dont feel like I am drinking watery soup) and it has its own flavour in it.

Fish cake (RM4). The fish cake was really smooth and it doesnt have fishy taste. I am not a fan of fish balls but this one certainly is added to my liking list.

Hokkien Mee (RM10 for medium). This doesnt taste oily, and it tasted ok. I have tasted much better Hokkien mee else where.

No need to go Ulu Yam to eat loh mee already since there is one decent loh mee here. I will come back here if I am cravings for hot soup.

They are situated on the same row as Nanking Court SS2.

Restoran Leong Ya (Seri Kembangan)

Nikky has been mentioning going to Seri Kembangan for Ho chiak trip: Loh Shue Fun (Rat's tail) or Pan Mee which he thinks is nice. Action is better than a thousand words, so there we went last night. When we reached there, the Loh Shue Fun restaurant is close. Disappointed. Then we went to nearby place to search for the Pan Mee and it was closed too.

So, I suggested that we go to Leong Ya for their famous Paper Wrap Chicken near Mines Shopping Complex (I was being introduced to this restaurant by a UPM lecturer during my working days as sales and since then I missed this Leong Ya). It was 9pm by the time we reached there, since it was off peak hours, so the food was served after 5 minutes.

Signature Paper Wrap Chicken (RM2.40 per piece). This chicken always do not disappoints me. It came with its thick sauce, and the chicken was really marinated to the max, with its 'feel-good' aroma. Very nice indeed. Nikky said the chicken was a little small. Hehe. Suyin take-away 2 pieces (at first she ordered for 4 pieces, but only 2 pieces left).

Ying Yong Pork Ribs (RM20). These pork ribs were cook in 2 different style: salad sauce and the normal sauce. All of us like the salad sauce pork ribs. Boy boy said it tasted like pizza hut island supreme sauce. It was sweet and nice. The other flavour was just so-so only. If next time I come, I will just order salad sauce pork ribs.


Kung Po Mantis Prawn (RM12). For so long I have been eating Mantis Prawn in Nai Yao style, so when the boss suggested Kung Po style, I was a bit skeptical but I am willing to try though. After eating the first piece, I was like, "Lucky that I listened to the boss!". This dish was really superb! Together with the onions and dried chillis, this is the best Mantis prawn dish that I ever tasted. The prawns were cripsy too! Boy boy agreed with me. Argh! I am so tempted to eat is again when I am writing now.

As far as I know, there are two restaurant called Leong Ya in that area that offer the same Paper wrap chicken and Yong Tau Fo (we didnt try YTF that day). I went to the one facing the main road.

During the whole dining session, Nikky kept on mentioning that he wants to go to eat Kajang satay since we were half way there. Boy boy agreed with him. Suyin and I think that both of them are joking only. After we left the restaurant, Nikky said he is serious about Kajang Satay. Swt. He is really enthusiastic.

Erm.... ok...since I am not the one driving, so I just follow lor. Luckily Nikky remembered the restaurant name, so boy boy activated his GPS and found the location. So, there we went.

Restoran Malaysia Kajang Satay (Kajang)

15 minutes later, we reached the destination. The restaurant was full house! It was 10pm and I assumed people go there for supper. Or maybe Haji Samuri Kajang Satay nearby was closed yesterday, so all the people craving for satay go to this restaurant.

We waited for 10 minutes to find a table and proceeded with the ordering. They served the kuah first.

20 minutes later only the satays arrived. 10 sticks mutton satays (RM0.90 each) and 5 sticks of chicken satay (RM0.60 each). The mutton satay was really good with some mutton taste and the portion was really big too. The chicken was normal.

Then our 5 sticks of duck satay (RM0.90 each) arrived 15 minutes later, after several reminders given to the young chap and the lady boss. We were quite pissed but we really wanna try the duck satay (how often you come across DUCK satay?). Luckily we were seated near the charcoal place and the old lady said, "ya, burning your duck satay already" in a nice tone, so we waited.

After eating the duck satay, I was like, " comment". I still prefer the conventional satay. Nikky wanted to order Fish Satay too but it was not available that day. Talk about the Kuah, I still prefer Haji Samuri version as their version is more spicier and more peanut-y.

Erm, dont ask me how to go to this place as I dont know how to describe. I can only guide you when I am there. Please on your GPS when you search for this place. When I reached home at 12am, I was exhausted.

Our next Ho Chiak trip is to IPOH! Let me plan plan first.

What a long holiday!

That's the beauty of being a Malaysian, living in Malaysia and working in Malaysia. We have multiple races and multiple holidays too! Our Muslim friends are celebrating their Hari Raya and we are getting holidays until Tuesday. Woohoo~!!! But....what am I going to do lei? I have no idea and today is already Tuesday and I have done nothing for the past 3 days.

Let's gather my few pieces of thoughts over these few days and put it in some tiny posts.

McD Sundae

We took away McD as lunch on Sunday. The Sundae turn out like this:

It was so dem little ok! Half of the cup only! You think I am eating McD sundae for the first time and you can fool me is it? I noticed it when the guy gave it to me, but I saw him as trainee so I didnt say anything. But as I got back the car, the more I think about how little it is, the more piss I feel. Boy boy felt pissed too! Trainee then so what? Aren't McD suppose to train their staffs properly???

It is priced at RM3 and what I got is RM1 worth of ice cream. WTH! Totally out of standard. Then my bro sent me this picture of McD delivery of Sundae to his office:

Now, you must be thinking "it is a delivery ma, so it will melt during the journey, is normal". Uh huh, you are wrong. My bro ordered numerous time of McD delivery of sundae and all turned out to be normal, except this particular time. If McD priced its ice cream at RM1, I wouldnt be angry at them. But it is freaking RM3 ok! and I can eat curry mee already with RM3.

Disappointed with McD. But I am not boycotting them as I like to eat McD. Hahaha. However, I will voice out if they give me half of the sundae again. I cannot accept myself to be cheated twice.

New addition to the family

Boy boy's cat gave birth to 4 tiny kittens a week ago. So cute. His cat gave birth to numerous times over the stay in his house years ago.

The top black cat is from her previous batch. This big brother kept on taking out one grey kitten and attempt to play with it. Doesnt he knows that the kitten is only one week old and it can barely have strength to crawl? Stupid brother cat.

I havent reach 30 ok

There was this conversation where we were talking about overnight at boy boy house. Then, I said, "if I overnight at your house hor, my mum will ground me for one month!". Then boy boy bursted out, "Aiyo, how old are you already? 30 years old still wanna ground you ar? Where got parents ground a 30 years old women one?"

Once I heard the sentence, I was like WTH! Since when I am 30 years old???!!!! Suyin and Nikky kept on laughing. By 30 years old I am a mother already ok, and I will not be grounded by my parents. But the point is, you cannot say your girlfriend 30 years old when she is not (Obviously!)! very pantang one you know. If I am 30 years, you are also 30 years old wei. When you reach 30 years old, I am only 29+. Blek!

Bumblebee Baby JL

Baby JL in bee suit! Preparing to go back to Mah Mah (Grandma) house for his long holiday.

Boy boy said he likes this pillow. Look at his "wing".


Boy boy playing SWING with JL.

Sushi Tomo for dinner

Parents went out for wedding dinner, so I brought along my sis and my bro to Sushi Tomo for dinner.

Mission half accomplished

Boy boy have been giving me this answer of February 30th whenever I asked him when he wanna marry me.

So a month ago, he started saying December 31st 2010.

Then 2 weeks ago, he started saying October 10th 2010, which is quite a good number. Once he said this, I probed him further and asked, "10/10/10 u wanna propose to me or is our ROM date? If it is a ROM date then u have to propose to me earlier lor, when will it be?"

He gave me this expression =.="

But, never mind, at least I have a 'proper' date, and not Feb 30th. So guys, dont ask me anymore when I wanna get married, boy boy has answered your question. It is 2010. World Cup year! Yippee!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buka Puasa at Pelita

Our VPs treated us a nice buka puasa dinner at Nasi Kandar Pelita which is 3 blocks away from our office. We reserved a room with air-con. Once we were seated, the food were served right away.

Curry Fish Head.
Fried Chicken and mutton.

The rojak was quite nice.

Wanted to take my neighbour, Azad's photo but another person (Asri, on the right) stole the limelight instead, take a close look at his expression.

I love to take a photo of a photographer taking photos - Azie.

Amy, Nik and Farah.

Left Pelita with a bloated stomach.