Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 12

A month ago, my family were chatting in the car. We were talking about other people's marriage. Then my sis suddenly said, "If cheh cheh get married, I cannot attend her wedding lor?" (My sis is going to Australia to study next year. Then I said, "I wait till you graduate from University then only I get married lor". (That would be three years later ya).

Once my mum heard the sentence, she said, "no need to wait three years one ma, you will come back during summer holidays every end of the year, ask your sis to plan the wedding dinner when you are back in Malaysia lor". Aiks, my mum so 'gan cheong' (nervous) tiem.

That was a month ago ok. Fast forward to today, I mean 'just now'. While I was writing my blog, my mum came in and sat on my bed. Suddenly she said, "you know ... actually you dont need to wait until your sis graduate only get married, you no need to wait for three years one you know". Swt, suddenly she talked about this. I said, "Erm.... ok.... three years actually is fine".

Then she asked, "when does you and scott plan to get married? Both of you all got plan or not one? You think once you say that you wanna get married, you can get married straight away is it? What is your plan? When you wanna get married?"

Erm... "You wanna marry me off already is it?"
"no la, if you dont wanna get marry, of coz you dont need to, you can stay here as long as you want".
"another 2 years la then I get married lor".
"But if you are not ready then is ok wo".

My mum ar, suddenly so excited hinting me to marry early. I think she wanna be a grandmother already. Thinking that Ning Ning is so cute to play with.

So, Scott Lim Tze Benn, when you plan to marry me??? My mum gives you the green light already.

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