Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 11

I have a bad dream last night. Everytime he didnt call me at night, I will be sleeping restlessly whole night and sometimes have bad dream. Last night's dream was really dreadful until I shocked up from my sleep. I dont intend to elaborate here as it will tarnish my boy boy's image (but I will tell him about my dream though).

He went to Damai Laut for company trip yesterday 7.30 morning. Off he went, without calling me at night to check on me. I didnt call him coz I scare that he thinks that I 'check on' him. But still, at least give me a call la, so busy until couldnt make a call meh.

Anyway, the story starts 1 week ago. I asked him how is he going to the meet up place (for company trip) in Puchong since he do not want to park his car there for 3 days. He said that he will overnight in his colleague's house on the night before lor. I didnt suspect a thing.

Thursday night, I suppose to drive him to his colleague's house (Friday is the company trip). When we finished our dinner, he called his colleague, no one pick up. Then he called another colleague and asked, "eh, how come Se Hui is not at home one?". Once I heard the name, my body immediately straighten up, and I was thinking: Se Hui is a girl name right? He is going to overnight at a girl's house? How come he didnt mention to me?

He put down the phone and called another number (Se Hui's another number) then told her that he is coming. Once he put down the phone, he stood up and said, "Let's go". I looked at him and said, "I dont wanna go". Then he sat back down. I asked, "se hui is a girl right?". He said yes. "How come you go to a girl's house overnight? and you didnt even tell me that she is a girl". Then he smiled. "I dont wanna send you". How can I send my boyfriend to a girl's house and overnight??? I must be mad if I do that.

He said, "nothing one la, the house got another colleague staying also". I asked,"Guy colleague ar?". He said yes. I said, "ok la, go la go la".

In the car, I asked why he didnt tell me he is overnight-ing at a girl's place until the very last minute. Then he explained, "the girl comes from Johor, so she is staying in our company's apartment, there is a few rooms, another guy colleague also staying there one". Oh, tell me earlier la, scare me only.

But still, I felt uneasy when I see him going into the apartment, like sending him off to other girl only. Sigh, somemore yesterday dreamt that type of dream. Damn it. Somemore he didnt call me last night. Damn shit. Always go 'enjoy' until forgotten about me. Damn him. Hate this feeling. Damn myself.

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