Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This mask is not that mask!

Recieved this sms from Yen:

"anyone need to buy mask? just to share with u guys i can get 1 box (50 pcs) at RM28. My office is using, or u guys can get cheaper then let me know loh..."

Fuiyoh! 50 pcs of mask for RM28? VERY CHEAP WO. 50 pcs of mask can last me for months, even I use it twice weekly, the box can last me 25 weeks = 6 months! Worth a try ma.

So, I texted her back:

"What brand is it? how many type of mask u have?" (Of coz I need to know the brand first right before I use it?)

A while later, I recieved this:

"not face 1 woh... is for mouth anti-virus 1... haha..."

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