Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tawau, Sabah

I reached Tawau airport at around 5.30pm and waited for PY until 7pm (her flight delayed 1 hour), which means from day light till dawn, until the mosquitoes also come out. Sabah sunset very early, at 6pm. And dont ask me why PY and I different flight, it was a long story. We took a taxi to our hotel, Promenade, which was like 30minutes journey. Along the road it was very very dark, I can only see car lights.

When we were at the hotel registration counter, the receptionist couldnt find my name, so I was searching my bag to find the reservation number (which took me quite some time). PY said his face was a bit unpatience already. One I showed him the reservation printout, he saw the reservation is for Promenade Deluxe, I heard him mentioned about VIP room, his facial expression immediately changed to a more friendly one (with a smile), quickly asked the bellboy to come and collect our baggage and escort us to 15th floor, the private check-in counter for 'VIP'. What type of service is this??? I think regardless of which room that the guest book, the receptionist should be more friendly towards the guests. What an attitude!

Once we checked into our hotel, our client brought us out for dinner at Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant, which is located nearby our hotel. I saw some newspaper writeup on this restaurant. Oooo, which means this should be very famous in Tawau huh.

Salt n Pepper Mantis Prawn. It was quite crunchy and the prawns were fresh.

Now, this is the one type of vegetable that I dont know what is it called. Very famous in Sabah it seems. The flavour was sourish due to the lemon and the vege was crunchy. It opened up my appetite.

Sabah Potato Leaves. This vege you can only find it in Sabah, at a very high cost, RM16 per kg. Originated from Lahad Datu. It was really crunchy and I love this vege (I am very choosy at vege, but this vege is tasty).

Tiny Geoduck. This is something that I have seen a lot (the bigger version) but never eat before coz it costs super expensive here. This dish was cook with lots of ginger and garlic. The 'tougue' part was chewy and the body part was super fishy. I ate the tongue part but when I tried to swallow the 'body' part, the fishy smell was sooooo strong, I blek out. It really looks like Fear Factor to me le.

Soft shell crab. The chilli was nice according to PY. I forgotten to dip it.

Salad Prawn. This is the dish that I like the most! The salad sauce sticked to the prawn like a coat and it tasted sweet and the prawns were so fresh until it was crunchy. Hmmm....super love this.

Steam Grouper (Sek Pan). The meat was thick and tender. Very very fresh.

See the dishes below and this amount is for 3 of us (PY, me and my client). I didnt follow him when he placed his order, until he ordered soooo much. Obviously, we couldnt finish it. Such a waste le. I peeked at the bill and it was RM2xx (if I didnt peek wrongly la).

Seaview from our hotel.

View from our client's site.

Wild yam plant that grow on my client's land. PY is only half of the plant size. It is a GIANT yam plant.

Before they send us to the airport, we went to this Yuan Yuan restaurant for mee soto.

Mee soto with prawn balls and beef. The prawn balls were really unique that I couldnt find it here in West Malaysia. It was really good. The soup was good too.

The chilli sauce, according to my client this chilli sauce is super spicy. I think he exaggerated abit la. PY, who can eat super spicy thing said it was spicy, but not soooo spicy. I took some, it was not the chilli spice, it was the pepper spice. It spice up and numb my tongue, just like wasabi numb your nose. Hehe.

Off we went to our next destination, Kota Kinabalu.

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