Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sri Melaka - Amcorp Mall

My friend Yee May is back from UK. It's been 2 years since we last met. Of coz, she quarantined herself first before our meet up ok. So, we (including Suseela, Marogal, Yean Shen, Sit San) met at Sri Melaka, Amcorp Mall for lunch.

Chicken Kapitan. Not spicy one (ngam my bro). The curry was rich and just nice for my liking. We ordered the Medium size one and I think they give us half chicken. Until the end, we left out the wings part only coz really full.

Asam Prawns. I think this dish is on par with the Salad prawn that I had in Tawau. Although both of them are totally different flavours, but I think this version of asam prawns were very tasty indeed. The slightly sourish asam taste with slightly spicy sauce, it really opened up my appetite.

Brinjals. Although this dish's flavour was very rich, it was a bit too oily. It has some asam taste in it. I quite like it but towards the end, it felt geli to me coz it was oily.

Dip Fried Sotong. The coating was crunchy. This dish was so-so only. Standard. Nothing special.

All my secondary school mates, only one has married recently, and that makes up only a minority in our group that has gotten married. Majority of us still single, so I wont feel lonely actually. :P No need to rush into marriage coz everyone are still single. Wahahhaha. Hor Scott???

Yee May is on the bottom right (She is a property agent, please find her if you need to buy house). Susee is on bottom left (doctor-in-the-making). Yean Shen on the top right. Marogal dont need introduction la. The photographer was Sit San (sole guy in our group) who refused his picture to be taken.

ABC, Sago Melaka and Nangka (I forgotten what is the proper dessert name for this nangka thingy). Then Nangka has water chestnut in it, it has slightly sweet taste itself but when eaten with the shaved ice, the whole thing was tasteless. Hmmm, I was wondering whether my taste bud for sweetness has gone. But when I taste the Sago Melaka, it tasted sweet and quite nice. While the ABC was standard only.

No matter what, I still like Sri Melaka food and will be back next time to try. The Restaurant Peranakan near my house area has drop its standard, as such we never go back anymore, so now I found a better alternative to have my Nyonya food cravings.

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